Indonesia Volcano Eruption: 11 Dead, Lava Spreads Up to 3 Km Height, Villages Evacuated Amidst Fear of Lava Flow

On Monday, a volcanic eruption occurred in Indonesia, resulting in the deaths of 11 mountaineers. According to reports from the rescue team, a search operation is underway, and 12 people have been found alive, saving 49 lives at the time. On Sunday, the volcano, located at an elevation of 2,891 kilometers, spewed ash to a height of approximately 3 kilometers.

Impact on Surrounding Areas and Evacuation Measures

As a result, the surrounding areas were covered with ash, affecting roads and vehicles. There is also concern about the possibility of another small eruption on Monday. Consequently, rescue operations have been temporarily halted for the safety of the personnel. Marapi is an active volcano, situated on the island of Sumatra.

Increased Fascination with Volcano Watching Among People

According to the Encyclopedia of Tourism, the craze for volcano watching among people dates back thousands of years. Historically, in the 17th and 18th centuries, wealthy European travelers embarked on grand journeys to witness majestic volcanic eruptions, such as Vesuvius in Italy and Etna. However, the discussion around volcano tourism gained attention after the eruption in New Zealand in 2017, where 16 tourists lost their lives. In March 2021, hundreds of tourists visited Geldingadalur in Iceland, where an active volcano was present.

Social Media Influence on Volcano Tourism

Travelers engaging in volcano tourism were labeled as “lava chasers” on social media. When Mount Kilauea erupted on December 20, 2020, around 8,000 tourists flocked to see it. This craze for volcano watching has led to boat tours and helicopter tours being organized. Tourists also prefer flying over volcanic lakes for a unique experience.


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