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Caution, Ahmedabad Residents: Not Recommended to Consume Ghee Gudd’s Manchurian and National Handloom’s Bhunglas!

Ahmedabad: Several stories have emerged about animals being found in the cuisine of well-known restaurants and food chains in the city. Today, the renowned restaurant “Ghee Gud” has come under scrutiny for its vegetarian Manchurian and Bengali delicacies, which are not deemed suitable for consumption by the food department. The AMC food department had collected samples from various places, revealing the consumption of approximately 1400 kilograms of non-food items, posing health risks.

Sample Failures of “Ghee-Gud” Vegetarian Manchurian

The municipal food department has found samples from the National Handloom Corporation’s outlet near the Munici. office in the Prahlad Nagar area, which has been serving vegetarian Manchurian. The samples have been sent to the Public Health Laboratory in Maninagar for testing. The test results have declared the vegetarian Manchurian substandard.

Gravy Samples Also Fail to Meet Standards

Similarly, gravy samples collected by the food department from outlets near Civil Hospital and Memco Bazaar, run by Mahima Bara Handi and Fry Center and Gravy, respectively, have also been declared substandard. Food safety measures will be taken against these three establishments.

Live Insects Found in Singdana (Groundnut)

Recently, a video went viral showing live insects being found in the Singdana (groundnut) of Narayanpura’s Ghee Gud restaurant. Customers who found live insects in the Singdana raised a commotion in the restaurant. The entire incident was recorded and widely shared. Similar incidents of live insects in food have occurred recently in various areas, including Ahmedabad and Jamnagar. In Jamnagar, live insects were found in the food from a store.


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