Ahmedabad Garbage Truck Driver Flees After Hitting Motorcyclist

In Ahmedabad’s eastern suburbs today, an ordinary individual went missing due to a Corporation vehicle. He was apprehended at the accident scene, where a youth riding a bike was hit by the Corporation’s garbage truck, leading to the tragic demise of Karun Mota. This incident created a commotion at the site, gathering a crowd of locals. The police, including the Traffic DCP, swiftly arrived at the scene. The garbage truck driver fled suddenly. The entire case is being actively pursued by the traffic police, who have started efforts to apprehend the driver responsible for the incident.

Unexpected Hit-and-Run Incident in Modi’s Night – According to police sources, last night, an unfortunate hit-and-run incident occurred near Odhav Ring Road. A young man named Bhavesh Patel was riding a bike on Ring Road when suddenly, a garbage truck hit his bike. As a result, he fell and sustained serious injuries. Tragically, Bhavesh passed away at the scene of the accident before any assistance could arrive. Following the unexpected incident, the Corporation’s vehicle driver fled the scene.

To Apprehend the Suspect, Authorities Were Alerted.

In pursuit of this objective, traffic police officers and locals mobilized. The body of the deceased was sent for a post-mortem examination at the hospital. As per police reports, rigorous action is to be taken against the responsible party. Officials have provided information to the police to facilitate a swift investigation. If anyone aids the suspect, they too may face legal consequences, as the police are prepared to take action against them.

Unexpected Incidents have Occurred before as well.

It is worth mentioning that in the past, several incidents have disrupted the lives of ordinary people due to some of the Corporation’s vehicles. At that time, one major mishap raised questions about the entire system.

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