Fire Breaks Out at Hindustan Fiber Glass Company in Vadodara, Staff Panic

A fierce fire broke out at the Hindustan Fibre Glass Company located near Vadodara GIDC in the wee hours of the morning. Upon receiving the information, the Vadodara Fire Brigade immediately dispatched three vehicles to the scene and commenced firefighting operations to control the blaze. The fire was so intense that flames were visible from a distance of 5 kilometers. Panic ensued among the staff working at the company.

Cooling Operations Continue Throughout the Night

Although there were no casualties in the incident, due to the presence of fiber materials in the company, cooling operations continued throughout the night even after the fire was brought under control. The company suffered significant damage in the fire. Nikunj Aazad, the Station Officer of Vadodara GIDC Fire Station, also rushed to the scene with his staff.

Fire Intensified Due to Presence of POP in the Company

The fire brigade utilized water jets to intensify firefighting efforts and prevent the flames from spreading further. Three fire engines and more than 10 firefighters were deployed to extinguish the fire. However, due to the presence of POP material in the company, cooling operations with water continued throughout the night.

Management Staff in Panic

Not only were the workers at the Hindustan Fibre Glass Company in panic due to the ferocious nature of the fire, but even the management staff at the company premises in Vadodara GIDC were also in a state of panic. Employees who were working at GIDC were shocked to witness the intensity of the fire raging through the company premises. The responsibility to direct water jets to control the fire fell upon the firefighters. Fortunately, there were no casualties in this incident, but the company incurred substantial damage.

Police Investigate the Cause

The exact cause of the fire at the Hindustan Fibre Glass Company was not immediately determined. However, the police were alerted to investigate the cause of the fire at the GIDC premises. As the investigation into the cause of the fire at the company premises progressed, Police Inspector V.G. Lumbria, along with his staff, rushed to the scene.

Lack of Fire Stations in Vadodara GIDC

It is noteworthy that there are over 400 companies operating in Vadodara GIDC, with more than 30 villages nearby. However, the absence of a fire station in Vadodara GIDC poses a significant risk to industrialists in the event of a fire incident, leading to substantial losses. Incidents of major fires occurring in Vadodara GIDC are not uncommon, and the lack of fire stations necessitates calling fire engines from Vadodara. By the time fire engines arrive from Vadodara, the company often suffers extensive damage due to the fire.

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