Indian Navy’s Rescue Operation Saves Ship from Houthi Attack: 3 Crew Members Lost in Missile Attack, 21 Rescued

The Indian Navy has once again rescued a commercial ship in the Gulf of Aden. According to naval sources, the Barbados-flagged Liberian ship was attacked by pirates with missiles.

After the attack, the ship caught fire. Three crew members were killed and six others injured during the incident. The Indian Navy rescued 21 people on board the ship, including one Indian.

According to American media CNN, the ship named ‘True Confidence’ was attacked on March 6th. This is the first attack by pirates where people have lost their lives.

INS Kolkata Reached for Assistance

Naval spokesperson Commander Vivek Madhwal provided information about this rescue operation. He stated that INS Kolkata was dispatched after receiving information about the attack on the ship. Helicopters and boats were deployed to rescue the people. Medical teams provided assistance to the injured.

Ship Sinks after Attacks in Red Sea

On March 2nd, a ship sank amidst continuous attacks in the Red Sea. According to the news agency AP, on February 18th, rebels attacked the ship named ‘Bab-al Mandab’ with missiles. Subsequently, British forces rescued the crew members of the ship.

According to media house Independent’s report, the British ship ‘Rubimar’ was involved in the incident. It had a Belize flag. When the ship was attacked, it was approximately 27.78 km away from the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait. In the last 12 days, it had been moving northward, but due to storms and bad weather in the Red Sea, the ship sank.

80% of India’s Trade Happens via Maritime Route

During the Israel-Hamas conflict, rebel attacks have been continuously targeting ships in the Red and Arabian Seas, causing many ships to change their routes. India is also affected by these attacks. Many times, ships coming to India or ships with Indian crews have been attacked.

Between 12% to 30% of global trade and container traffic passes through the Red Sea and the Suez Canal. The attacks by rebels have disrupted international trade between Europe and Asia, which passes through major routes.

Who are the Rebel Pirates?

The civil war in Yemen began in 2014. It stems from the Shia-Sunni conflict. According to Carnegie Middle East Center’s report, the conflict between both communities had been ongoing for a long time, which escalated into a civil war in 2011 following the Arab Spring. In 2014, Shia rebels opened fire against the Sunni government, leading to prolonged instability.

The country was led by President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi. Hadi came to power in February 2012 after the former President Ali Abdullah Saleh stepped down, who had been in power for a long time since the Arab Spring. Hadi’s tenure witnessed ongoing struggles for stability in the country and the division of the military, with separatist rebels uniting in the south.

Iran and Saudi Arabia, the two powerhouses in the Arab world, also got involved in this civil war. Iran supports the Shia government, while Sunni-majority countries support the Saudi Arabian government.

In a short period, identified as pirates, rebels took control of a large part of the country. By 2015, the situation had become such that pirates forced the government to flee the country.

Another drone attack occurred on a ship near the Arabian Sea close to Yemen. The ship also caught fire during the attack. The ship, named Jenko Pickard, had the flag of the Marshall Islands. The Indian Navy reported that the attack occurred around 11:11 PM on Tuesday.

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