Tragic Suicide Note Reveals Middle-aged Victim of Police Torture: Found Hanging in Kitchen

In Surat, a moneylender residing on Pal Road attempted suicide in distress after facing harassment from the police for a repayment of Rs. 50,000. The moneylender mentioned the harassment in a suicide note written over three days of enduring torture. The family is also demanding justice.

Manishbhai Kishorbhai Gohil, a 51-year-old moneylender who lived in the shade of the Summan Chhaya on Pal Road, worked as a moneylender and ran a grocery store. On Wednesday night, he attempted suicide by hanging himself at his home. His son and daughter had gone to work, leaving his wife alone at home. Later, he hung himself in his house.

Kishorbhai’s son found his father hanging in the kitchen. Upon discovery, the police were notified. In response, the Adajan police rushed to the scene and initiated an investigation. Prior to the incident, Kishorbhai had written a suicide note. In the note, he mentioned being subjected to torture by Police Sub-Inspector A. A. Ahir for a loan repayment of Rs. 50,000.

The family members of Kishorbhai Gohil, including his son Mayur, have expressed hope that justice will be served by the police. They have provided all evidence, including the suicide note, to the police. They expect that action will be taken against the individual identified as Vinaybhai, who allegedly tortured Kishorbhai to recover Rs. 50,000.

Dear Lata, Mayur, Krishna,

I am leaving you all and seeking your forgiveness because I have been under increasing tension. A police inspector from Ved Road, near Hari Om Mill, at the police station, named R.R. Ahir, has been torturing me for the last three to four days. My humble regards to all relatives. If I have made any mistakes, please forgive me. Vinaybhai took Rs. 50,000 from me and told the police that I was torturing him. Tell the PSI who investigates my body not to benefit anyone else like this.

Niyati Rao

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