Payal Bhagwanbhai Gupta : Fatal Fall from Hostel Roof at PDEU After Emotional Conversation with Mother

A 20-year-old student from the PDEU Girls Hostel in Gandhinagar had committed suicide two days ago. Now, the CCTV footage from before the incident has emerged. In this case, the police have found a note written by the young woman, stating that she wanted to become a stone in her next life. Additionally, during the investigation, the police also discovered that the young woman was not eligible for the college canteen’s exemption, so she had been ordering food online for quite some time. Moreover, it has been revealed that she had an open conversation with her mother for forty-five minutes early in the morning before the incident. Currently, the Information Technology Police have initiated an intensive investigation into the cause of death.

Young Woman Commits Suicide while Studying for Bachelor’s Degree

Yesterday morning, Payal Bhagwanbhai Gupta, a student studying for a Bachelor’s degree at Pandit Deendayal Energy University in Raysan, Gandhinagar, tragically took her own life by jumping from the terrace while experiencing mental stress. The seriousness of the incident prompted the Information Technology Police, led by DSP D.T. Gohil, to swiftly rush to the scene. During the investigation, traces of Payal’s mental state were also found on her mobile phone.

Student Did Not Go Home for Holi-Dhuleti Festivities

Niraj Gavare, residing at Row House No. 11, House No. 166/P, in the Aurangabad Chhatrapati Shivaji Nagar, has four children, among whom the eldest daughter, Payal, has been studying for a Bachelor’s degree at PDEU College in Gandhinagar for the past two years. Payal, who resides in Room No. H/101 of the girls’ hostel, did not go home for the Holi-Dhuleti festivities.

Student Had a Phone Conversation with Father on Holi Night

While most of the hostel students were going home to celebrate the festival, Payal remained in her room on the night of Holi. She had a conversation with her father over the phone, expressing her reluctance to be alone in the room. Later, in the early morning, she called home again. During this conversation, she spoke with her mother for about fifteen minutes, expressing her desire to come home. Subsequently, Payal was found to have committed suicide by jumping from the terrace of the hostel, falling between Blocks H and I.

Note Found During Room Search

During the investigation, a note was found by the police during the search of the room. Payal, along with the hostel warden and security guard, had been taken to SMVS Hospital, where she was pronounced dead by the duty doctors. On the other hand, during police investigation, Payal was seen wandering around the hostel premises in the early hours. A note, written in English, was found during the search, which reads, “HOPE…HAPPY NEW YEAR.. “NO SUGA.NO LIFE. I want to be rock in Next life. Futures gonna be okay.” Additionally, the note also mentions a desire to become a stone in the next life, along with some drawings.

Examination of Payal’s Mobile Forensically Released

Payal has been on leave for the past month, even from her college canteen, which she did not prefer. She had been ordering food online for quite some time. Before the incident, she had conversations with her mother and also with a friend. The friend is not a student of PDEU. On the other hand, late at night, Payal’s parents reached Gandhinagar. Upon inquiry, they raised objections to the college management. It was also mentioned that Payal was suffering from depression. The police have released Payal’s mobile for forensic examination. Additionally, they have initiated an investigation into Payal’s recent communication with her friend to explore any potential contacts.

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