PDEU Girl Student Jumps from Hostel Terrace

A young woman, a promising student studying for a bachelor’s degree at the renowned Pandit Deendayal Energy University in Gandhinagar, ended her life by hanging herself from the terrace of the girls’ hostel. She hailed from Aurangabad and had a conversation with her mother over the phone before taking this drastic step. The incident has sparked concern, prompting an intensive investigation by the police to determine the exact cause behind the tragedy.

PDEU Student Found Dead in Hostel Terrace

In a tragic incident, a young woman studying for a Bachelor’s degree at Pandit Deendayal Energy University’s girls’ hostel in Raysan, Gandhinagar, was found dead early in the morning. The victim, a 20-year-old daughter of Bhagwanbhai Shankarbhai Gupta residing in Bay Pass Road, Miragam, House No. – 11 in Aurangabad, was pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Technology at PDEU.

Last Phone Call with Mother

Living in room number H1/101 of the university’s girls’ hostel, the calm and simple-natured student, Payal, used to reside with another student. During the Holi vacation, most students would visit their homes, but Payal didn’t go home. On the fateful morning, she had a telephone conversation with her mother. At that time, all other students had gone home for the vacation, leaving her alone. However, Payal expressed her desire to visit Aurangabad, indicating some unease during the conversation.

Security Guard Finds the Young Woman in Critical Condition

Later, Payal attempted suicide by hanging herself from the terrace of the girls’ hostel for some unknown reasons. During the morning hours, Payal was discovered in a critical condition by the security guard. Other people, along with hostel staff, rushed her to the hospital. Unfortunately, she was declared dead by the doctors on duty. Following the incident, the Gandhinagar DSP, DT Gohil, along with the police team, arrived at the PDEU hostel. Currently, the police are searching for Payal’s mobile phone and conducting a search of her room with the help of the FSL team.

Father Informed About the Incident Over the Phone

According to reliable police sources, Payal’s family has been informed about the incident. They are expected to arrive in Gandhinagar tonight. Payal’s father was contacted over the phone yesterday night, and he was informed about the incident. However, he wasn’t disturbed mentally, as conveyed by the sources. Today morning, he was again contacted on his mobile phone. At that time, he had a conversation with Payal’s mother regarding the tension related to her studies.

Discovery of a Note in the Terrace

A note written in English has been found in the terrace. Later, while going to the terrace, Payal fell down. This morning, security guards went to turn off the lights of the building according to the instructions. At that time, under the terrace,Payal’s dead body was found. She was taken to SMVS Hospital, where doctors declared her dead. While searching for Payal’s room, a note written in English was found in a notebook. In it, Payal has written about having two types of trays, good and bad. Furthermore, she also mentioned having two types of trays. The incident of someone hitting Payal in the hostel building’s corridor has also been captured on CCTV. Currently, this matter is under further investigation. It is noteworthy that the hostel building has three stories. Payal fell from the terrace. But despite no one hearing any sound or scream, the police are still investigating in this direction.

Note and Evidence in the Investigation

In the note, it was written, “I don’t look good, I want to be a stone in my next life.” According to sources, Payal wrote a note in a book where she expressed dissatisfaction with her current life. Additionally, she drew a picture of a stone. It’s noted that Payal sustained a fractured left arm after falling from the terrace. Hostel staff confirmed that no one entered the hostel during the night. Surveillance footage shows Payal wandering around at 3:30 am.

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