NIA Raids Vadodara in Foreign Job Scam: Youth Arrested for Holding Indians Hostage

Youth Arrested for Extortion and Fraud in Cambodia

Manish Balvantray Hingu (age 30), residing in Laljikripa Flat, Shaktinagar Society, Gotri, Vadodara, has been arrested on charges of human trafficking and fraud by keeping a youth in captivity for 34 days and extorting $2000 forcibly. The accused Manish Hingu will be produced in court on Tuesday for remand.

In a case related to distress faced by Indian citizens in Cambodia due to being made captive, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) had raided the office of UES located in the Vishwamohini Complex in Subhanpura, Vadodara. Manish Hingu was apprehended and interrogated along with MD of UES company, Manish Hingu, as part of the investigation, in which the Vadodara Crime Branch also collaborated with the NIA. Subsequently, he was arrested.

Raid on UES Job Consultancy in Subhanpura

A major job scam came to light in Cambodia, where several Indian nationals were trapped in the scheme and efforts were underway to bring them back to their homeland. The entire racket was investigated today in Vadodara. The office of UES Job Consultancy in Subhanpura, Vadodara, was raided today by officials of the Vadodara Crime Branch NIA, where Manish Hingu was detained for questioning. Several places across the country, including Vadodara, were investigated.

Entrapped in Cheating and Friendship Scam

Agent Krishna Pathak had informed that the job offer letter job has fallen through. A second job offer may be obtained through an agent named Vicky in Vietnam. Agent Vicky also gained the trust and confidence of the youth, took him from Vietnam to Cambodia, where he then obtained the youth’s passport and brought him to a company without a name. The chat process was different from normal chat processes, involving entrapment in the guise of friendship, greed, temptation, and threats, engaging in criminal activities such as hacking into people’s bank accounts and transferring money to their own accounts.

Chinese Worker of Anonymous Company Demanded $2820

In a job where the youth was not happy, the Chinese authorities of an anonymous company demanded $2820 from the youth, and if he did not give it, they threatened to sell him to another company for $2000. He could not go back to India as they took his passport. So, they demanded $2000 from his family within three days, threatening to sell him to another company if they didn’t.

Extortion and Illegal Detention with the Youth

After being confined to a room for 34 days and being threatened with life, the youth was extorted and forced to pay $2000 forcefully through illegal means. The Unique Employment Service MD Manish Hingu, Krishna Pathak, and an agent named Vicky from Vietnam and Cambodia, lured by the temptation of getting a job, took him to Vietnam and Cambodia from India, and subjected him to human trafficking in a helpless and pitiable condition. Not only did they extort Rs 1.50 lakh from the complainant but also engaged in extortion by conducting illegal detentions. In this case, the police arrested the accused Manish Balvantray Hingu (30) (residing near Laljikripa Flats, Shaktinagar Society, Gotri, Vadodara).

Interrogation of the Accused by Crime Branch

This morning, officials from the Vadodara Crime Branch and NIA raided the office of UES Job Consultancy in Subhanpura, Vadodara, where Manish Hingu was detained and brought to the office of the Vadodara Crime Branch for interrogation.

Indians in Cambodia Faced Trouble Under the Pretext of Jobs

It is noteworthy that recently in Cambodia, a large number of Indians faced imprisonment under the pretext of creating jobs. They were brought under the guise of data entry jobs, causing distress to Indian youth. After this incident came to light, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs took action, initiating efforts to repatriate all citizens. The entire case investigation was handed over to the prestigious investigation agency NIA, and now the investigation into this case has reached Vadodara.

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