Families Demand Answers: Outrage Over Missing Relatives in Gujarat

Anger Erupts as Families Wait Outside Civil Hospital

A fire broke out in the TRP gaming zone on Kalavad Road today, lasting for over 48 hours. Many families, until now, have not only lost their loved ones but have also not received their bodies. For the past two days, the relatives of the deceased, hungry and thirsty, have been sitting outside the postmortem room of Civil Hospital. With no satisfactory answers from the authorities regarding their loved ones, a wave of anger erupted. Dharmesh Vaghela, a young man, expressed his frustration, saying, “We haven’t received any news about our relatives even after 48 hours. They say come today, come tomorrow. No officer is available even when they are sitting right here. If it were Vijay Rupani or the son/daughter of Amit Shah, the report would have been checked in Mumbai by now.”

Families Await News Despite 48 Hours Passing

On May 25, 2024, in the TRP gaming zone on Kalavad Road, more than 48 hours have passed since the fire, and many families have yet to receive any news about their loved ones. On the other hand, the identification of the deceased, resembling coal, is being done through DNA reports of relatives who have been missing for the past two days. Today, on May 27, 2024, as authorities fail to provide satisfactory answers, anger erupts among the families waiting outside the accident site. At this time, as the aggrieved families vent their frustration with the officers, the system and work procedures were being explained to them by the officials present.

If Amit Shah or Vijay Rupani’s Sons Were Here…

A young man named Dharmesh Vaghela pleaded with the authorities at the site, clasping his hands together, to provide appropriate answers. He expressed frustration, stating, “It’s been 48 hours, and we haven’t received any response. Whether it’s been 12 hours, 36 hours, 48 hours, or even yesterday, there’s been no response. Nishaben Modasiya, Vivekbhai Dusarari, and a total of four people from our community are missing. We’re not accusing any police or anyone else; this is a failure within the system. Whoever is responsible should be held accountable. If Vijay Rupani or Amit Shah’s sons were here, the DNA report would have been checked in Mumbai.”

Where Were the Officers When We Needed Them?

Our society had been in full support of them. Not a single officer is present today. The entire society is here; some have come, and some haven’t. Brother, what has happened to our people? We’ve been waiting for 10 minutes. Even the Prime Minister hasn’t taken notice of such a tragic incident. This isn’t a minor incident. 50-70 people have lost their lives. Are you going to say now to stop female infanticide? Are you going to call a 3-month-old fetus a murder? Are you going to label everything that happened as just a game? Whatever reports are inside, I have them. The gaming zone people say you are responsible; bring your report. Provide me with your form. Where is your circular? If a liquor bottle is found, why wasn’t there police until now? If there’s no NOC, why was the gaming zone operating until now?

Publicity Stunts Done for Just 99 Rupees

All this happened when personalities like Nirav Modi and Suresh Prajapati have created YouTube channels and are earning money, putting people’s lives at risk. It’s all been done for just 99 rupees. Whenever we called Suresh Prajapati, he said, “Why should I come here when I’ve said ‘switch off’ to Civil? Why isn’t he coming?” We told the police system that if you catch them, these people say it’s not our responsibility, so we’ll thrash them. We shouldn’t file an FIR against us. We contacted the authorities. We called them and said, “This is your responsibility.” You come here and make an announcement.

If There Are 70 Bodies Inside, What About the Others?

Our demand is only one: bring the person here, catch them, call them. If they don’t agree to our demands, then we’re not responsible for anything here. We’ve been here for three days. Maybe these people are afraid of saying, “Only bones will come.” So bring these people. I’ll bury all of them underground. We ask, but they say we can’t give numbers. We ask how many dead bodies there are. Make the dead bodies inside public. They say, “27.” If there are 70 bodies inside, what about the others?

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