Diwali Blow: Big Dry Fruits Traders Hit by Rs 50 Lakh GST Evasion, Investigation Unveils Massive Fraud During Festive Sales

GST Officials Conduct Raids on Diwali-related Businesses in Ahmedabad

In Ahmedabad, income tax and GST officials have been conducting raids on businesses since before Diwali. Recently, GST officials investigated a prominent hotel for suspected tax evasion amounting to crores of rupees. Previously, during the World Cup, the same officials had failed to recover lakhs of rupees from the hotel.

Now, during the festive season of Diwali, GST officials have initiated raids on major dry fruits traders who are suspected of tax theft. The primary focus of the investigation is on traders involved in GST evasion of more than 50 lakhs. The scrutiny is ongoing.

GST Officials Conducting Raids on Over 50 Locations in Ahmedabad

In the Diwali season, a business of crores of rupees in dry fruits has come under scrutiny in Ahmedabad. Large-scale dry fruits traders in Ahmedabad, particularly in areas like Kalupur, Madhupura, Vastral, and Satellite, are being investigated for alleged GST evasion. Despite engaging in substantial trade, these traders are suspected of not fulfilling their GST obligations.

The investigation spans over 50 locations where GST officials are conducting thorough searches. The focus is on traders involved in GST evasion exceeding 50 lakh rupees. The scrutiny aims to uncover details of GST theft and bring the traders in question to account.

Hotel Managers Targeted in Raids for GST Evasion

In recent times, small traders, sweet shop owners, and other businesses associated with this trade are increasingly likely to face strong possibilities of scrutiny. Following the raids conducted by the State GST in the current fiscal year on builders, cosmetic service providers, and pharmacies for alleged tax evasion, hotel managers have now come under the radar for evasion of taxes. The agencies targeted those who manipulate billing and other malpractices, leading to crores of rupees being swindled. The investigation is currently focusing on bogus billing and other malpractices. Simultaneously, dry fruit traders are also being investigated for tax evasion. The raids have intensified, with scrutiny expanding to more businesses involved in this trade.


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