Spectacular Rangotsav 2024: Celebrating Holi with 51,000 kg of Colors at Sri kashta bhanjan dev Hanumanji Temple Sarangpur

The Vadtal Dham Bicentenary Celebration and Shatamrut Mahotsav, in the vicinity of Salangpur Dham, is set to host Gujarat’s largest festival on March 25th, also known as Dhuleti. Special decorations will adorn the temple premises on this occasion. In the morning, devotees will participate in color celebrations and receive blessings from the saints.

The grand celebration of Holi, the largest festival in Gujarat held at Shri Sarangpur Dham, will feature a spectacular theme inspired by the colors of the rainbow, with the vision of Hariprakashdasji Swami. A massive quantity of 51,000 kilograms of colors will be used in this extravagant event. These vibrant colors, sourced directly from the factory in Udaipur, come in seven different shades of the rainbow and are made from natural powder, ensuring no negative effects on the body. Especially for this Holi celebration, a set of 60 dholis from Nasik will entertain the crowds with lively music, encouraging thousands of people to dance and celebrate.

In this grand festival of colors, the main attraction will be a color blast featuring 400 human-sized bows, which will be approximately 60 to 70 feet tall and will shower colors upon the devotees gathered in the temple premises. This magnificent celebration of Holi will see approximately 10,000 kilograms of colors being sprayed onto the devotees using an air pressure machine, guided by the divine inspiration of Hariprakashdas Swami and under the guidance of Kotari Viveksagar Swami. This spectacular Holi festival at Shri Salangpur Dham in 2024 will be celebrated with great spirituality and grandeur.

On the auspicious occasion of Holi (Full Moon), divine colors and decorations will adorn the revered idol of Shri Kashtabhanjan Dev Hanumanji Maharaj, and the main temple premises will be beautifully decorated in grandeur. To celebrate the biggest Holi festival in Gujarat, devotees of all ages, from young to old, brothers and sisters, children, and elders from across Gujarat, as well as from Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and even from abroad, will gather to celebrate Holi with the saints and Swamis. Led by Shastri Hariprakash Swami and Kotari Viveksagar Swami, along with other saints, more than one lakh devotees will come together to celebrate Holi in the divine colors of the deity.

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