AMC Food Department Investigates Caterpillar Complaint in Cashews from Madhav Dryfruits, Bhopal

In Ahmedabad, people are now opting for healthy choices not only in their food and beverages but also in fruits. In the shops in the Bopal area of the city, purchases of cashews and almonds, along with dried fruits, were made. Customers who bought cashews and almonds found living organisms in them, prompting them to complain. The food department team conducted checks in the shop and carried out sampling processes in response to customer complaints.

Purchase from Madhav Dry Fruits Store

Residing in Bopal, Maheshbhai Patel bought fruits from Madhav Dry Fruits Store located in Shaligram Shopping Center in South Bopal. After opening the cashews at home, he found living organisms in them. Concerned about the quality, he visited Madhav Dry Fruits, where he found insects in the opened cashews. Taking immediate action, he complained to the food department team, leading to a check and sampling process in the store.

Almonds were also Inedible

In the Madhav Dry Fruits store, the almonds available were also found to be inedible. During the Diwali festivities in the city, people tend to buy sweets and dried fruits. Some traders, either due to lack of knowledge or to compete with edible items, compromise people’s health. Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel had ordered the food and drugs department to conduct daily checks in the cabinet meeting. Now, the sale of spoiled fruits in the city has also led to public outrage.

Chicken Found in Veg Mexican Hotpot

In a Tomato’s restaurant in South Bopal, Ahmedabad, a young man, along with his friends, ordered a veg Mexican hotpot. However, to their surprise, they found chicken in the vegetarian dish. After complaining to the restaurant manager, they received no response. When the issue was reported to the restaurant owner, no satisfactory answer was provided. The incident sparked outrage among the urban population.


Living Worm Found in Dates in Jamnagar

In Jamnagar, there has been a series of incidents related to living organisms in food. A customer bought dates from a salty shop in Patel Colony, only to find living worms in them. The corporation’s food department reached the scene to investigate. Previously, there was an incident in a buttermilk shop in Jamnagar, and later a rat was found in vada pav from a US Pizza outlet.

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