VIDEO: Trainer Assaults Woman in Gym After Removing Clothes – Incident to be Investigated

A startling incident has unfolded in Rana Ghata district of West Bengal, shaking the community to its core. Within the confines of a gym lies a harrowing tale where a trainer, Idrish Jamal, attempts to force himself upon a woman, leaving her in a state of shock and distress. The woman bravely resisted the assault, fighting off her attacker as he pinned her to the ground, attempting to violate her dignity. 

Escaping from the clutches of the lecherous trainer, the woman managed to break free and flee, ensuring her safety from further harm. This incident underscores the urgent need for ensuring the safety and security of individuals, particularly in spaces where vulnerability is heightened. It serves as a reminder of the importance of swift and decisive action against perpetrators of such heinous acts.

CCTV Captures Trainer’s Assault on Woman

The disturbing actions of the accused have been captured in its entirety by CCTV cameras. The police have swiftly apprehended the perpetrator. The video footage, now in public domain, vividly depicts the trainer physically assaulting the woman. 

It reveals a scene where a woman is diligently working out in the gym when suddenly, and without provocation, the trainer launches a violent attack against her. Such evidence underscores the importance of surveillance systems in ensuring accountability and aiding law enforcement in swiftly bringing perpetrators to justice.

Woman Resists, Trainer Resorts to Violence

The footage reveals the woman’s relentless attempt to escape as the trainer forcibly removes his clothes. She tries to flee, but he grabs her from behind. 

Subsequently, she manages to break free from his grip, only to fall to the ground. In the midst of her struggle to get up, the trainer relentlessly continues to assault her.

Woman Subjected to Brutal Assault by Trainer

The video depicts the trainer dragging the woman forcefully onto the floor, showing utter disregard for her well-being. He pulls her onto the ground and mercilessly attacks her face and abdomen with kicks and punches. 

The woman is crying out for help, desperately pleading for assistance. Throughout the entire video, her cries for help are audible, underscoring the urgency of the situation.

Arrest of the Accused

The viral video has sparked outrage among internet users. Acting swiftly, the police in Rana Ghata district made an immediate arrest of the accused, Idrish. 

They reassured the community that the victim had suffered no harm and was safe.

Police Announcement

The Rana Ghata district police issued a statement regarding the incident, stating, “The perpetrator has been identified in the video, and the Rana Ghata district police have apprehended him.

A case has been registered against him. Contact was made with the victim, and she is currently safe.”

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