Indore Gym Incident: Young Woman’s Health Affected by Heavy Protein Doses; Trainer Assaults Brother for Concerns

The Dwarkapuri Police have registered a case late Monday night following an incident where the manager and trainer of the gym allegedly assaulted a brother and sister. According to allegations, a 23-year-old woman, residing in Prikank Colony, regularly visited the Vil Power Gym located at Gopur Chauraha. During her workouts, she was administered heavy doses of protein. 

Consequently, her health deteriorated. When questioned about her sudden illness by her family, she revealed that she was given excessive exercises along with heavy doses of protein at the gym, which adversely affected her health.

Upon hearing this, the brother, Mayank, became agitated and accompanied his sister to the gym to address the issue of the heavy dosage. However, the gym manager, Vaibhav Shukla, responded by raising his voice and later resorted to physical assault, threatening them with dire consequences.

Gym Manager Faces Charges of Rape, Abduction, and Assault Against Wife

According to police reports, gym manager Vaibhav has previously faced cases of rape, abduction, and assault against his wife. Allegations surfaced two years ago when his wife accused him of assaulting her after consuming alcohol and confining her to their home.

Previous Cases of Gym Management’s Alleged Misconduct

The gym management faced prior allegations related to its operations:

  • A woman residing in the Transport Nagar had filed a case against the gym manager after incidents of assault and rape, among other charges, following their engagement. The victim’s identification was established during her training sessions at the gym. Subsequently, an FIR was lodged.
  • In a separate incident involving financial transactions, the gym manager was accused of kidnapping another trainer, Atul Prabhe, and subjecting him to assault after imprisoning him. Complaints regarding assault and control issues at the gym were also reported recently.
Vaibhav Shukla, director of Will Power Gym located at Gopur Square, Indore.

Tragic Death of a Student in Indore Coaching Class Due to Cardiac Arrest Linked to Protein Intake

A few days ago, a student suffered cardiac arrest and passed away during a coaching class in Indore. Initial investigations revealed that the student was also consuming a protein-rich diet. Before attending coaching sessions, he regularly visited the gym. Medical treatment was underway at the time of the incident. According to Dr. Bharat Vajpayee, who conducted the post-mortem, the preliminary PM report indicated symptoms of cardiac arrest.

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