Ahmedabad Restaurant Chaos: Thugs Vandalize, Roof Collapses, Customers Flee; CCTV Reveals Unpaid Breakfast Scuffle

Incidents of vandalism and violence have now spilled over into eateries in Ahmedabad. Near Ghatlodiya in the western part of the city, a particular establishment witnessed an altercation where four individuals refused to pay for their meal at a restaurant’s cash counter. 

When asked to settle the bill, they resorted to breaking furniture and causing havoc. One person even brandished a piece of wood. The scenes alarmed other patrons present, prompting some to intervene in an attempt to diffuse the situation. 

The entire incident has been captured on CCTV cameras installed within the premises. Local police have taken note of the incident, recording the identities of the four individuals for further investigation and legal action.

The miscreants suddenly took out sticks and started vandalism

Complaint Filed Regarding Cash Counter Handling

According to police sources, a complaint was lodged by Parth Nayanbhai Barot (aged 19, residing near Shivam Apartments, Vyash Wadi, Nava Vadaj), stating that he works at “Shreeji Chaiwala,” a restaurant owned by Pujanbhai Parekh in a housing complex. 

He mentioned that for the last three months, he has been employed to handle the cash counter. His working hours span from 10 in the morning till 10 at night.

Allegations of Non-Payment for Refreshments

The complaint further reveals that Hitesh Rabari, along with his friends like Nikhar Desai, frequently visits “Shreeji Chaiwala” associated with our Sheth Pujanbhai Parekh, to have tea and snacks. 

As they are well-known, they are allowed to consume refreshments on credit. However, yesterday around 10 o’clock at night, Hitesh Rabari came with his friends to “Shreeji Chaiwala” but did not pay for the refreshments. When questioned about the unpaid bill, they engaged in verbal altercation with me and Shri Pujanbhai Parekh.

Vandalized the freezer with a stick

Verbal Abuse Erupted Amidst IPL Match

The complaint elaborates that I arrived for my job in the morning and was stationed at the cash counter in the evening. At that time, an IPL match was underway, attracting additional customers to the restaurant. 

Amidst this, around 6:30 in the evening, Hitesh Rabari, along with his brother, his friend Nikhar Desai, and an unidentified individual, arrived. All four of them began hurling abusive language indiscriminately.

The robbers ran away after vandalizing

Chaos Ensues as Customers Flee Amidst Vandalism

The complaint further states that both Hitesh Rabari and Nikhar Desai were armed with sticks, with which they began vandalizing the counters outside the shop. They broke several counter glasses and even damaged a counter’s wooden structure. 

Additionally, they shattered the glass of the television installed outside the shop. As they kept swinging their sticks, the customers in our kitchen area were hit by wooden sticks, causing them to flee. Amidst this chaos, I was also struck by a wooden stick.

Threats of Violence Issued for Business Operations

The complaint further reveals that during the vandalism at the restaurant, I and our boss were threatened with dire consequences in the name of my employer. They warned us that if we continue with our business, our lives would be in danger. 

Following this, they left the premises. Concerned about the situation, we immediately informed our boss Pujanbhai over the phone and also contacted the police control. A complaint was lodged with the police regarding these threats and the entire incident.

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