Violent Clash Caught on VIDEO: Petrol Filling Dispute Leads to Confrontation Between Two Groups in Vadodara

Tensions erupted in Padra, Vadodara, over a dispute regarding petrol filling, resulting in clashes between two groups. One individual was reportedly agitated during the altercation. 

Matters escalated further when chairs were broken at the petrol pump. The Padra police have taken further action in response to this incident.

Clashes Erupt Between Two Groups in Padra, Vadodara

Clashes Erupt Between Two Groups in Padra, Vadodara

In Padra, Vadodara district, a confrontation broke out between two groups at a petrol pump where an individual had come to fill petrol. Following a verbal altercation, the situation escalated into a clash

The confrontation took on an aggressive tone, with both groups facing off against each other. Tensions ran high, resulting in clashes between the two groups.

Violent Confrontation Leads to Destruction of Property

Violent Confrontation Leads to Destruction of Property

During the altercation between the two groups, Deepakbhai Joshi was injured as he was driving a snowplow near the petrol pump. Consequently, he had to be rushed to the hospital for treatment. 

Subsequently, amidst the confrontation between the groups, there was significant damage to property, particularly involving the breaking of chairs. Upon learning of the incident, the Padra police swiftly responded to the scene and have initiated a comprehensive investigation into the matter.

Response to the Incident

Police Intensify Action in Response to the Incident

The PI of the Padra Police Station, Mr. L.B. Tadvi, stated that upon learning of the incident, their team swiftly arrived at the scene. 

Subsequently, they have escalated the level of action in handling the case, signaling a more rigorous approach in addressing the matter.

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