Enforcement Inconsistencies: DGP’s Circular Impact on Vadodara’s Police Vehicles

In a significant step towards reinforcing the principle of equitable law enforcement, Director General of Police (DGP) Vikas Sahay has promulgated a directive mandating strict adherence to traffic regulations by all police personnel across the state. This proactive measure aims to uphold the notion that law enforcement applies universally, encompassing not only citizens but also those tasked with maintaining law and order. However, a recent investigation conducted by the Divya Bhaskar team at the Police Bhavan in Vadodara city revealed an incongruity between the directive’s intent and its implementation.

Presence of Tinted Windows Observed on Vadodara Police Vehicles

Instances of non-compliance with traffic regulations have come to light as black-tinted windows, commonly referred to as “black film,” were found on police vehicles in Vadodara. This discovery draws attention to an incongruity between enforcement personnel and their adherence to traffic rules. In a related development, Ahmedabad traffic police conducted an operation outside the Shahibaug police headquarters, issuing fines to police personnel for various infractions such as not wearing helmets, seat belts, or uniforms, and employing black film on their vehicles. However, a contrasting situation unfolds in Vadodara city, where instances of black film usage and marking of “Police” on police vehicles have been observed.

Inconsistency in Enforcement: Non-Adherence to Traffic Rules Within Police Bhavan

Amidst the directive for law enforcement officers across all police stations in the state to enforce traffic regulations by their personnel, a paradoxical scenario emerges within the very premises of the Vadodara Police Bhavan. While officers have been tasked with upholding traffic rules among their jurisdiction, instances of non-compliance were witnessed within the confines of the Police Bhavan in Vadodara.

Perpetual Vigilance in Traffic Rule Enforcement Ensured, Affirms Traffic DCP

In light of the recent circular issued by the Director General of Police (DGP), DCP Traffic Jyoti Patel has emphasized the sustained commitment to enforcing traffic regulations. The circular, which underscores the importance of adhering to traffic rules, has prompted intensified scrutiny of police vehicles. DCP Traffic Jyoti Patel affirms that this heightened vigilance is not merely a temporary measure but a perpetual commitment.


The presence of tinted windows and “Police” inscriptions on police vehicles within Vadodara’s Police Bhawan underscores the complexity of maintaining consistent enforcement within the police force itself. The incident not only calls for introspection but also presents an opportunity for constructive reform. By aligning internal practices with external mandates, law enforcement agencies can enhance their effectiveness and reiterate their commitment to upholding the law they are entrusted to enforce.

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