Aadipur Youth Murder Case Solved: Former Neighbor Confesses to Killing Yash for Money

The police have unraveled the kidnapping and murder case involving a person running a grocery store on the internet along with a person who operates a cyber café. The 19-year-old youth, Yash Tomar, who resided in Meghpur (Bhuj), was abducted and murdered. The police have arrested the accused, identified as Rajendra Kumar alias Raju Narshibhai Kalaria (alias Patel) (aged 59) and Kishan Mavjibhai Sinch (Maheshwari) (aged 40).

According to the police, the youth’s mother had filed a complaint. Yash Tomar, a student at Adipur College, had left for Adipur College around 6/11 in the morning but did not return in the evening. When his mother called his number, unknown persons answered from an unfamiliar number, demanding 1.25 crores to release Yash and asking him to come to Mumbai for delivery. Yash’s body was found outside after some time. The police formed several teams to investigate and traced the accused based on the complaint filed by Yash’s mother.

The accused had planned the kidnapping and murder for five years. The police seized an active, a motorcycle, and two mobile phones during the investigation. The police revealed that Raju Narshibhai Kalaria had purchased a plot of land six months ago. After burying the victim, he dug up the land 40 days prior to the incident.

The police conducted a thorough investigation, and despite various challenges, the teams led by DSP M.P. Chaudhary, LCB PI N.N. Chudasama, Anjar PI S.D. Sisodiya, and SOG PI D.G. Patel worked together. The police have not provided specific details regarding the motive for the crime, as the investigation is ongoing.

Niyati Rao

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