Fatal Dhansura Accident: Dumper Driver Flees After Bike Overturns, Claims Lives of 3 Local Youths

In a tragic incident near Ambasar in the Aravalli district, an accident involving a tempo and a bike has claimed the lives of three young men. The incident occurred at the accident site, where three local youths from Ambasar village lost their lives. In response to the accident, the Dhansura police have seized the tempo and are conducting a thorough investigation.

One Village, Three Youths, One Tragic Fate

Late at night, Dipak Solanki, Ajay Parmar, and Siddharaj Solanki from Ambasar village near Dhansura lost their lives in an unfortunate accident involving a bike rider and a speeding tempo in Akshamata. The tempo driver fled the scene after the accident. Currently, the lifeless bodies of the three hopeful young men are being retrieved by the local authorities. The Dhansura police have taken custody of the tempo related to the incident for further investigation.

Dumper Collides, Claiming Lives of Three Youths

The trio of young men from Ambasar village, Dipak Solanki, Ajay Parmar, and Siddharaj Solanki, visited a nearby Rojda petrol pump to refuel their diesel-powered bike. Unfortunately, as they were returning, the speeding and reckless tempo collided with their bike, causing the three young men to fall beneath it. This led to the tragic demise of all three individuals at the accident site.

Police Seize Dumper, Initiates Investigation

The speeding nature of vehicle drivers often results in vehicular arrogance. Innocent drivers become victims, and fatal accidents occur. This incident near Dhansura, Aravalli, is one such unfortunate event. The entire village is in mourning due to the loss of these three promising youths. The Dhansura police have taken control of the tempo involved in the incident and are actively investigating to bring the responsible parties to justice. The accident has deeply affected the community, and the police are taking necessary actions to ensure a thorough inquiry into the matter.

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