Tragic Ahmedabad Bus Collision: Family Seeks Comfort for Loss; Suspected Drunk Driver – Fiancé’s Heartbreak

In an unforeseen incident near Char Rasta in Shivranj, Ahmedabad, at approximately 3 pm yesterday, a young life was tragically cut short due to the reckless driving of a private vehicle. Hiral Jadav, a resident of Shahpur and originally from Deodar in Banaskantha, succumbed to the accident on the spot, leaving the community in shock and mourning.

The Fiance Neglected to Notice the Deceased’s Condition

Witnessing the harrowing scene, the fiancé was overcome with disbelief, momentarily forgetting the entire sequence of events that unfolded. It was a chilling reminder that only 11 months ago, Hiral and Hiren had joyfully anticipated their future together. The couple, set to be married on February 1, 2024, had planned a Sunday outing for pre-wedding shopping, embarking from Shahpur to Bhopal.

Tragically, their journey took an abrupt turn as they navigated the four roads of Shivranj. Riding on a bike, with Hiral and her fiancé Hiren, they approached a signal. Unbeknownst to them, a private travel bus hurtled towards them at an alarming speed. The collision was devastating, propelling both bikers into chaos. Hiral Jadav, the unfortunate victim, was ejected from the bike, landing on the right side, where the left rear tire of the bus tragically rolled over her body.

In a twist of fate, Hiren, miraculously, was thrown to the left and managed to escape with only minor injuries. However, the gravity of the situation hit him when he regained consciousness, confronted with the grievous state of his would-be wife’s body. The moment was overwhelming, and the fiancé, though physically spared, was left emotionally shattered by the tragic turn of events.

Regrettably, at the time of the incident, there was a noticeable absence of TRB (Traffic Regulation and Control) personnel at the site. However, quick-thinking and compassionate bystanders, referred to as Gamkhwar, promptly rushed to the scene in the aftermath of the accident. Their timely intervention played a crucial role in aiding Hirenbhai, the fiancé of the deceased and the bike rider, regaining consciousness.

In a commendable display of community solidarity, these bystanders took immediate action, providing assistance and support during the critical moments following the collision. The collective efforts of these individuals were instrumental in bringing Hirenbhai to his senses, mitigating the immediate impact of the traumatic incident.

Claiming That the Driver Was Intoxicated

The grieving family of the deceased has raised serious allegations, contending that the driver of the private bus was operating the vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Expressing their anguish and seeking accountability, they are demanding stringent action against both the driver and the owner of the travel company. Their plea is rooted in a quest for justice and a fervent desire to prevent such a tragedy from befalling others.

The family, devastated by the loss of their loved one, is urging law enforcement to thoroughly investigate the incident and ensure that appropriate legal measures are taken against those responsible. In their pursuit of justice, they are emphasizing the need for accountability to be placed not only on the driver but also on the owner of the travel company.

Heartbreaking cry of family members

The heart-wrenching cry of grief echoes through the Jadav and Parmar families as they grapple with the profound loss of their beloved daughter and future daughter-in-law, respectively. The tragic accident that unfolded yesterday has plunged both households into a sea of sorrow, leaving family members in profound anguish.

The weight of the tragedy is palpable in the tearful expressions and sorrowful pleas for justice emanating from the grieving families. The loss of a daughter and a cherished future member has cast a somber shadow over their lives, and the anguish is shared collectively by those mourning the untimely departure of a loved one.

In their grief-stricken state, family members are united in their call for justice, seeking accountability for the tragic incident that has forever altered the course of their lives. The cries for justice serve as a testament to the pain and anguish endured by those left behind, demanding answers and legal recourse to address the circumstances surrounding the devastating accident.

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