Jayesh Radadiya Clinches Spectacular Victory, Appointed IFFCO’s Director Thrice

The selection of the director in IFFCO doesn’t see unanimous agreement within the BJP, hence elections are organized. This battle is a fight within BJP itself. BJP had given a mandate to Bipin Gota (Patel), but BJP MLA Jayesh Radadiya played his card by contesting against the party’s mandate. The result of this election has been announced today, in which out of a total of 182 votes, 180 were cast. Out of these 180 votes, Jayesh Radadiya received 114 votes. Whereas, his nearby opponent Bipin Gota received only 66 votes. Now, in the upcoming tenure, Dilip Sanghani will become the Chairman of IFFCO.

Jayesh Radadiya Wins Cooperative Election Against Amit Shah’s Close Associate

Bipin Gota, a cooperative cell leader of BJP, filled the nomination form for the director’s position in Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) with the support of BJP’s cooperative cell leaders and Amit Shah’s close associate. He was challenged by Vijay Jhatakia, supported by Congress. Jayesh Radadiya, son of Vithal Radadiya, contested against BJP and fought his battle against Bipin Patel, representing the farmers as a leader. The only meeting of Gujarat for the tripartite election was convened, which started the voting process from 4 pm. In this, the victory has gone to Rajkot’s cooperative leader Jayesh Radadiya.

Former Minister Defeated BJP’s Candidate

As usual, controversy and tension prevailed in the election of IFFCO which this time turned into a tripartite battle. The cooperative election is also a BJP’s test at the party level and based on this, the party had announced the candidacy of cooperative leader Bipinbhai Patel from Ahmedabad and instructed voters to vote for him. Jayesh Radadiya and Pankaj Patel from Modasa also filled the form amidst BJP’s mandate. As a result, the situation of a tripartite battle was created and the emphasis was put on rallying voters by all three candidates to win the election.

Radadiya Strategically Moves His Voters to Delhi

Radadiya had started all efforts to defeat BJP-supported candidate Bipin Gota. Radadiya strategically moved his voters to a separate location in Delhi to cast their votes, aiming to secure maximum votes for himself and win. In the last moment, all efforts were made to secure the maximum votes for his victory.

Strengthened by Support from Kundra and Sanghani

With the support of Kundra and Sanghani, Radadiya strengthens:

In this election, there were a total of 182 voters, out of which 94 were from Saurashtra. Jayesh Radadiya received support from Rajkot’s MP Mohanbhai Kundra, Dilip Sanghani, and other local leaders. Radadiya’s victory seems assured as he had the support of more than 40 voters from Rajkot, 29 from Amreli, and 12 from Morbi. In today’s election, out of 182, 180 people voted. When only two voters remained abroad and couldn’t cast their votes, there was a delay in counting until they returned to participate in the voting process.

Meeting Held Between Amit Shah and Radadiya for Two Hours

During the campaigning for the Lok Sabha election, a meeting of two hours was held between Central Cooperation Minister Amit Shah and Jayesh Radadiya at Radadiya’s residence. The political atmosphere in the cooperative sector heated up after this meeting, and the certainty of Jayesh Radadiya’s victory increased. The main reason behind this was the complete support of voters towards him.

Leadership Qualities Since Childhood

Born on December 20, 1981, Jayesh Radadiya has completed his Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from M.S. University and also served as the General Secretary during his student years. In 2012, he won with a significant majority against Congress’ Jashumatiben Korat. Two months later, he resigned from Congress and joined BJP, leading to a by-election where he had a grand victory. Following this, in 2017 and 2022, he won from the same seat. After winning in 2017, he became the Minister of Food and Civil Supplies in the state government. He is currently the Chairman of Rajkot District Bank. Jayesh Radadiya not only engages in political activities but is also involved in various social activities. His wife’s name is Mittalben, and they have two children, a son named Mahik and a daughter named Krishna.

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