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Google Wallet App Launches in India: Users Can Digitally Store Debit, Credit Cards, Event Tickets, Passes, and More

Google launched a private digital wallet on Wednesday, May 8, for Android users in India. This app allows users to store debit cards, credit cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, event tickets, passes, and other items. It’s separate from the Google Pay app, which aids in transactions and management of payments. To increase its presence in the Indian market, Google has partnered with over 20 brands.

Partnerships and Offerings in Google Wallet

Partnerships include PVR, INOX, Air India, Indigo, Flipkart, Paytm Labs, Kochi Metro, and Abhibus, among others. Within Google Wallet, users can store gift cards from various brands available on Flipkart, alongside other offerings. Google Wallet is expected to become the primary payment app.

Differentiation and Features of Google Wallet

Google Wallet is a secure digital wallet allowing users to store cards, event tickets, and passes with approval. It streamlines all cards into one place. However, Google Wallet does not support payments.

Integration with Google Pay and Other Services

Google Pay allows Unified Payment Interface (UPI) transactions and also provides options for paying utility bills, mobile bills, broadband bills, and credit card bills. Google Wallet’s history and evolution.

Evolution of Google Wallet

Initially launched in several countries in 2011, Google Wallet merged with Android Pay in 2018 to become Google Pay. In August 2017, Google launched a separate app ‘Google Tez’ for UPI, later rebranded as ‘Google Pay’. At one point, there were two Google Pay apps, one for India and one for the rest of the world. In 2022, Google rebranded its global Google Pay as Google Wallet. Now, Google Wallet has been launched in India.

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