Violent Incident Captured on CCTV: Verbal Altercation Over Snacking Turns into Physical Assault in Ahmedabad

Altercation at the Snack Stall Leads to Violence

In Ahmedabad, a dispute erupted between a young man and the owner of a snack stall, which escalated into physical violence involving the young man and his friends. Later, the young man went to his father, and as they were about to retaliate by hitting the stall owner with a spanner, they intervened to save the stall owner when the young man fell in between them. Subsequently, there was a clash between groups, resulting in physical altercations and stone pelting, all captured on CCTV footage. Chandkheda police have registered a case and initiated further investigation.

Altercation Caught on Camera:

Aditya Dantani, a 19-year-old resident of Chandkheda, is employed in making gold jewelry. During the afternoon, Aditya went for snacks with his friend Abhay. While passing by the Morli snack stall near Damru Circle, all his friends were standing there. When the dishes arrived, Aditya said, “Let’s sit under the shade and have our snack.” Consequently, Morli retorted, asking why they wanted to sit under the shade. Aditya replied, “So that we can enjoy our meal comfortably.” Then Morli sarcastically remarked, “If you can’t stand here, go elsewhere to eat.

Three Individuals Involved in Physical Altercation

During a verbal altercation, Manish, Sunil, and Harish confronted Aditya and physically assaulted him. Aditya managed to escape the altercation and went home, where he was accompanied by his father and friends to the Lakshmi Auto Garage. Upon entering the garage, Aditya’s father questioned him about the reason for the altercation. This prompted Manish to become aggressive, attempting to hit Aditya’s father with a wrench, but Aditya intervened and restrained him.

Police Investigation Based on CCTV Footage

Subsequently, Harish started conversing with Aditya. Meanwhile, onlookers fled the scene and nearby shops closed their shutters, while others remained inside. Aditya was brought in for interrogation for further handling of the situation. The entire incident was captured on CCTV cameras. Chandkheda police have registered a case and are investigating the matter based on the evidence gathered from the CCTV footage.

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