Emergency Rescue: Toddler Trapped in 100-ft Borewell – Urgent Oxygen Supply and Rescue Operation Underway

In the village of Ran in Dwarka, a young girl from a local family found herself in a precarious situation while playing near a plank, accidentally falling into a borewell with a depth of 100 feet. The incident was promptly reported to the Dwarka municipality’s fire department, triggering an immediate response from the fire team, a 108 ambulance, and a contingent of medical professionals.

Upon arrival at the scene, it was determined that the girl is currently trapped at a depth ranging between 25 to 35 feet. The rescue team, in collaboration with medical personnel, swiftly initiated rescue operations, providing essential oxygen support to ensure the child’s well-being during the process.

Despite concerted efforts, the complexity of the situation has led to the solicitation of assistance from specialized teams, including Defence, National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), and State Disaster Response Force (SDRF). These additional resources have been called upon to enhance the rescue operation and ensure the safe retrieval of the young girl.

The rescue team carried out rescue operations along with giving oxygen

Urgent Rescue Operation Initiated After Toddler Falls into Borewell in Ran Village, Padi Devbhoomi Dwarka

In a concerning incident in Ran village of Padi Devbhoomi Dwarka, a young girl named Angel Shakhra accidentally fell into a deep borewell while playing. The incident occurred as the child was playing near the borewell and inadvertently found herself in a perilous situation. Local authorities were swiftly alerted to the emergency, prompting an immediate response and the initiation of a rescue operation.

As soon as the villagers discovered the girl’s predicament, they promptly informed the local system, leading to the activation of an emergency response. The 108 ambulances were quickly deployed to the site, taking on the critical task of providing oxygen supply to the trapped child within the borewell. Despite these efforts, the challenging circumstances have necessitated additional support.

In light of the complexity of the rescue operation, assistance has been sought from specialized teams, including Defence, the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), and the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF). The collaboration of these teams aims to enhance the ongoing rescue efforts and ensure the safe retrieval of the young girl from the borewell.

The help of fire brigade was taken for rescue work

Coordinated Response Underway as Rescue Team Initiates Oxygen Supply for Toddler Trapped in Borewell

In a focused effort to rescue a young girl trapped in a 100-feet-deep borewell, the rescue team has commenced the critical process of providing oxygen. The child is currently estimated to be situated at a depth ranging between 25 to 35 feet within the borewell. The emergency response system has been activated to its alert mode to ensure swift and effective measures to save the girl.

The 108 ambulances are actively involved in the operation, delivering a continuous supply of oxygen into the borewell to sustain the trapped child. The gravity of the situation has prompted the immediate presence of key officials, including the Collector, Mamlatdar, and TDO, who have all reached the scene to oversee and contribute to the rescue efforts.

Furthermore, there are reports of the imminent arrival of MP Poonam Madam to the location, signifying the collaborative and comprehensive approach being undertaken to address this challenging situation. The coordinated efforts of all involved entities aim to expedite the rescue mission and ensure the safety and well-being of the child. Regular updates will be provided as the situation unfolds, and the community is urged to remain vigilant and supportive during this critical time.

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