Sub-Contractors Had 25% Royalty in Kotiya Brothers Contract

When the discussion arose in the city about the tragic incident at Harni-Motnath Lake, the names of prominent individuals surfaced. Among those associated with millions of projects, the father-son contractors Kotiya, Harish Kotiya, architect Gopaldas Shah, and petrol pump manager Paresh Shah, followed by Niles Jain, director of Dolphin Entertainment Company, emerged in the investigation. They are subjects of a thorough investigation. It’s now known that in the blame game for this tragedy, the involved parties are pointing fingers at each other.

Years-Long Ambition Flourishes: Manorath Farsan House

The main perpetrators of the Harni-Motnath Lake boat tragedy are the Kotiya Project owners. Harish Kotiya, the father-son duo, has been operating “Manorath Farsan House,” a shop (hotel) within the court complex of Diwalipura for several years. They, along with architect Gopaldas Shah and petrol pump owner Paresh Shah, have been prominent businessmen in the region. They’ve been discussing using the Kotiya Project company for their business ventures. Similarly, Niles Jain, who is still at large in this tragedy, is known to have set up entertainment projects near Surat and Vadodara.

Joined Forces After Project Approval

It’s worth noting that the Kotiya Project’s contract was awarded through a 30-year PPP contract by the Vadodara Corporation, which, at the time, was showcasing its business through the Farsan business. The company’s owners, Binet Kotiya and Hitesh Kotiya, had been involved in a legal battle in the Diwalipura court complex for several years. Later, they were joined in this project by other directly or indirectly associated individuals, including architect Gopaldas Shah, Paresh Shah, and Niles Jain, who is currently missing.

Political Influence in Tender Approval

It’s noteworthy that the Vadodara Corporation approved the tender of the Kotiya Project partners. The approval of this tender in an incorrect manner is a fact. Architect Gopaldas Shah participated as a consultant in preparing the technical routes to approve the tender, and Paresh Shah, leveraging his political influence, helped approve the tender. Although Paresh Shah was not initially involved in this project, he later appointed his family members as directors of the company.

Business Deals Finalized by All

According to available information, Gopaldas Shah and the Kotiya family had a partnership in the Kotiya Project for the past 30 years. Similarly, Parshah also finalized deals in the project. Alongside, all family members began running their original businesses. The Kotiya Project’s original owners, Binet Kotiya and Harish Kotiya, inaugurated a snack shop within the Diwalipura court complex, enjoying royalties from their company’s business.

Project Handed Over

It’s noteworthy that Niles Jain is missing in this boat tragedy. He had invested in the Kotiya Project. Since then, he has been missing. Those accused in this boat tragedy are now blaming Niles Jain for the incident. It’s known that Niles Jain established Dolphin Entertainment Company (Registered Office- 1, Surajpark Society, Opp. Ganga-Jamna Society, Subhanpura, Vadodara) in February 2023 and took over the entire Kotiya Project under his ownership.

Payment Made Through Bank

After acquiring the Kotiya Project under the Dolphin Entertainment Company, Niles Jain paid royalties to the Kotiya Project stakeholders, Binet Kotiya and Harish Kotiya, through the corporation. Similarly, he also paid rent for the boat contract to Bhatesh Bhatt. The alleged perpetrators, Parshah, architect Gopaldas Shah, and the Kotiya family, were also paid for their work under the Kotiya Project through bank accounts of Dolphin Entertainment.

Hotel Operating in New Court’s Vicinity

Contacting the family members of the Kotiya Project, it was revealed that the Kotiya Project’s tender has been passed, and the contract is underway, which is true but has not been functioning for the past 5 years. We haven’t allowed any lease in the complex near the court for a long time. We’ve set up a snack shop named “Manorath Farsan House,” which serves snacks like dhokla, samosas, puff pastry, tea, coffee, and vadapav.

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