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Viral Video Alert Pani Puri: Two Individuals Found Drowning in Vadodara’s Potato Field, Health Department Team Rushes In

Health Hazards of Street Food: A Common Concern

Consuming street food, especially items like pani puri, can pose health risks due to the potential contamination of ingredients used in their preparation. The water used to make these snacks is often unhygienic and may contain harmful substances, making it unsuitable for consumption. Recently, a video of individuals preparing masala for pani puri by dipping potatoes directly into stagnant water went viral on social media, sparking outrage.

Open Sale:

In many cities, the sale of street food, including popular items like pani puri, is a thriving business. Street vendors operating these stalls often reside in slum areas where sanitation facilities are lacking. Despite being prepared amidst unhygienic conditions, these vendors continue to sell their products openly.

Public Health Concerns:

The reality behind the preparation of street food, particularly in areas where vendors work amidst filth, has come to light several times. While authorities have intervened on multiple occasions, little impact has been observed, and the open sale of street food continues in urban areas.

Health Department of the Corporation Springs into Action

The health department of the corporation recently became active due to a viral video depicting a street vendor washing potatoes with his feet on the footpath of Dandiabazar Road in the city. Consequently, the health department took prompt action, resulting in the closure of the vendor’s stall.

The Incident on Dandiabazar Road: The video, which went viral, showed a street vendor washing potatoes with his feet on the roadside near the Ganpati Temple, close to Bherunath Ice Cream. The vendor, who operated a stall selling pani puri, was seen washing the potatoes with his feet while preparing the ingredients. The video gained attention, and soon after, the vendor disappeared from the spot.

Initiation of Investigation: Dr. Mukesh Vaidya, a health official, confirmed that an investigation had been launched into whether any other vendors in the area were operating similarly. Following the viral video, inspections were carried out promptly.

Action Taken: Within two days of the incident, the vendor in question fled the scene. Today morning, the health department began inspecting the area, focusing on food stalls. After the video went viral, the municipal health team acted swiftly. Following the investigation, it was discovered that the vendor associated with Bherunath Ice Cream was operating another stall selling pani puri outside the shop. Consequently, the health department intervened and closed down the unauthorized food stall.

Sampling Ice Cream Parlors

Today, the health department’s team revoked the registration of Bherunath Ice Cream’s pani puri stall for 180 days and seized the stall. Additionally, samples of three different ice cream flavors were collected from the ice cream parlor for separate testing.

Contamination of Water and Tamarind: Subsequently, the health team conducted checks on 10 pani puri stalls around Surasagar and found contamination in 70 liters of water and 50 kilograms of tamarind. Similarly, another team checked 36 pani puri stalls in Sayajigunj and Kamatibaug areas, discovering contamination in 12 liters of water and tamarind in one stall. Additionally, one stall was found with contaminated chutney. The health department plans to conduct further inspections on pani puri vendors in the upcoming days.

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