Maldives Sees 40% Decline in Indian Tourists: Appeals Made by Tourism Minister for Indian Visitors, Stresses Economy Relies on Tourism

The number of Indian tourists traveling to the Maldives has decreased by 40% from January to April. The Ministry of Tourism of Maldives revealed that from January to April, 43,991 tourists arrived from India. During 2023, this number stood at 73,785.

Appeal to Meet by Maldives Tourism Minister

On Monday (May 6), Maldives Tourism Minister Ibrahim Fazil appealed to Indians to visit his country. He stated that their economy depends on tourism.

Call for Friendship Between Maldives and India

The Tourism Minister emphasized that Maldives always seeks friendship with India. The government is always ready to welcome Indians. The Maldives received the highest number of tourists from India. Now, this number has reached sixth place.

Plans for Road Shows in Indian Cities

Earlier, Maldives announced that it would organize roadshows in many Indian cities to attract Indian tourists. However, the details of which cities and when the road shows will be held have not been disclosed.

Discussions with Indian High Commissioner for Tourism

The Maldives Association of Tour and Travel Operators (MATATO) held discussions with Indian High Commissioner Munu Mahawar to enhance travel and tourism cooperation between the two countries.

Tension Rises Between India and Maldives After January 7

On January 7, the hashtag #BoycottMaldives trended in India. Prime Minister Modi had shared a video of his Lakshadweep visit. Now, Lakshadweep, with its beauty, is seen as a competitor to the Maldives. People started saying on social media that spending lakhs to go to the Maldives is not worth it.

Controversial Statements and Military Withdrawal

Due to controversial comments made by Indian leaders on social media, Maldivian ministers and leaders were unhappy. They also mentioned the use of derogatory words by PM Modi. It was also stated that in terms of services, India cannot compete with the Maldives.

Military Movements and Agreement in February

In February, an agreement was reached in New Delhi between Maldives and India to have a technical staff team from India for the management of military aircraft operations in place of Indian soldiers in the Maldives. Following this, the first batch of 26 technical staff arrived in the Maldives on May 29.

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