Rajkot Intl Airport Welcomes 1st Indore Flight with Water Cannon Salute & Raas Garba

The first Greenfield international airport in Gujarat, located in Hirasar near Rajkot, has been inaugurated. After the inauguration by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on July 27, the airport has officially commenced operations today. The airport’s first flight, which arrived this morning, was welcomed by Member of Parliament Mohan Kundaria and Member of Parliament Ram Mokariya. At 8 AM, the first flight from Indore landed at the airport, and the passengers were warmly received, marking this momentous occasion.

The airport is situated approximately 31 kilometers from Rajkot and will serve 11 flights daily. Today, the Hirasar airport witnessed the arrival of the Indian Navy’s aircraft for the first time. Passengers arriving at the airport were greeted with a traditional welcome ceremony led by MP Kundaria.

Rajkot’s New International Airport Takes Off Today

Rajkot’s brand new international airport, strategically located in Hirasar, officially commences its operations today. The airport has the capacity to accommodate up to 14 aircraft at a time. Additionally, it will handle flights operated by Airbus 321 and Boeing 737, which can carry up to 180 passengers. Presently, flights from Mumbai (4), Delhi (1), and other destinations including Udaipur, Indore, Bengaluru, Goa, and Hyderabad will be operational from this airport. In the near future, with the expansion of international routes, more flights are expected to take off from this new airport.

Economic Development Expected in Surrounding Districts

It’s worth noting that Rajkot is known as the hub of the automobile industry in Asia. Furthermore, it houses a significant market for gold, silver, imitation jewelry, and both large and small-scale industries. The economic progress of surrounding districts, such as Dwarka and Somnath, which are famous pilgrimage sites, is also expected to benefit from this new airport. Hirasar Airport could potentially become a game-changer for Saurashtra’s trade and industry.

Frequency of Bus Services Increases

To ensure convenient transportation for the public and prevent overcharging in private taxis, the State Transport Department has introduced bus services between Rajkot Bus Station and the International Airport. This service will operate 8 times a day and will cost passengers only Rs. 100. Rajkot’s ST bus transport center, centrally located in the city, will provide a direct route to and from the International Airport, making it easily accessible to the public.

No.Rajkot To AirportAirport To Rajkot
16 AM7 AM
28 AM9 AM
310 AM11 AM
412 PM1 PM
51 PM2 PM
63 PM4 PM
75 PM6 PM
87 PM8 PM

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