Rajkot’s 90-Year-Old Airport Shuts Down, New International Airport Opens Sunday

The Rajkot Airport, which has been in operation for 90 years, has now made history. After the last flight from Delhi took off at 8 p.m. today, the airport has been closed. All flights to and from Rajkot will be suspended in the foreseeable future. Tomorrow morning at 8 a.m., the first flight will take off from the newly constructed international airport in Hirasar. To commemorate this occasion, a grand event has been organized in the presence of Members of Parliament and dignitaries. The first flight will be welcomed by voter Kanan.

All Flights for the Upcoming Period Canceled

According to received information, after the inauguration ceremony conducted by the Prime Minister, the process of transferring from the old airport to the new international airport has begun. As part of this process, all flights for the upcoming period have been canceled. The remaining work, including staff, will be completed by the staff throughout the day. For the transfer of these airports, all necessary items are also being moved from Rajkot Airport. Delhi Airport authorities have also been informed about this. The weather conditions are also being monitored, and the final preparations for the commencement of operations at the new airport from the coming Sunday, September 10, are in progress.

In 1934, Rajkot’s Maharaja Inaugurated This Airport

Rajkot’s Civil Airport, also known as Rajkot Airport, has a rich history dating back to British times. This airport, in operation for nearly 90 years, traces its beginnings to 1934 when it was established. Since then, the airport has continually expanded and modernized to meet the growing aviation needs of Saurashtra. In 1934, Maharaja of Rajkot inaugurated the airport, and its expansion and inauguration were overseen by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Rajkot Airport Now Shifted to Hirasar

The historical significance of Rajkot’s airport, built during the British colonial era, cannot be underestimated. This airport has witnessed the city’s rich heritage and modernization journey. Over the past 9 decades, the airport has served as the gateway to Saurashtra for travelers, connecting it with other cities. Rajkot Airport has now been relocated to Hirasar, marking a natural progression in its 90-year history. The future use and purpose of this location will be revealed in due course.

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