Violent Incident During Mangala Aarti in Dakor Temple, LIVE VIDEO: Altercation Over Darshan Spot Leads to Chaos

In Dakor, the renowned pilgrimage site of Kheda district, a violent altercation occurred during the morning Mangala Aarti today. The disturbance took place within the temple premises, where worshippers were gathered. The situation escalated with devotees getting involved in clashes. 

Police intervention was necessary to restore peace, and an investigation into the matter has been initiated. The police are conducting inquiries based on filed complaints, aiming to bring clarity to the incident and ensure accountability. 

Such incidents underline the importance of maintaining order and reverence in sacred places, emphasizing the need for effective vigilance and security measures to safeguard the sanctity of religious practices.

Clash During Mangala Aarti Captured on Camera at Dakor's Famous Temple

Clash During Mangala Aarti Captured on Camera at Dakor’s Famous Temple

During the Mangala Aarti ceremony on Monday morning at the Ranchhodraiji Maharaj Temple, a renowned pilgrimage site in Dakor, incidents of violence erupted, which were captured on camera. Within the temple premises, devotees engaged in clashes over space to have darshan, causing disruption during the sacred ritual. 

The scenes of this altercation were recorded by cameras, shedding light on the unfortunate event that occurred amidst the spiritual ambiance of the temple. The presence of camera footage provides crucial evidence for authorities to investigate the incident thoroughly and take necessary actions to prevent such disturbances in the future.

Altercation Breaks Out Among Devotees During Darshan at Dakor Temple

Altercation Breaks Out Among Devotees During Darshan at Dakor Temple

An intense verbal altercation ensued among devotees right outside the sanctum sanctorum of the Dakor Temple today, leading to a chaotic situation. The entire incident prompted the intervention of the police, who rushed to the scene. 

According to police sources, prior to the commencement of the Mangala Aarti, a considerable crowd had gathered outside the temple, including both pilgrims from distant places and local devotees. As devotees fervently prayed for the doors of the temple to open for darshan, tensions escalated among some devotees gathered near the sanctum sanctorum. 

This escalated into physical altercations between a few individuals, resulting in a chaotic scene. The situation was swiftly brought under control by the intervention of the temple authorities, the Ranchod Sena, and the local police. Following this incident, the entire matter was reported to the police station for further investigation and necessary action.

'Both Parties Will Be Summoned Based on Complaints'

‘Both Parties Will Be Summoned Based on Complaints’

Regarding this matter, Dakor PI V.D. Mandora spoke with Source and revealed that disputes arose solely among regular devotees and those coming from outside for darshan within the temple premises. 

Subsequently, following the altercation leading to violence, two among those who had arrived from outside for darshan lodged a complaint with the Dakor Police. We will be summoning both parties involved in this incident based on these complaints.

Violence Erupted Over Darshan Dispute

Violence Erupted Over Darshan Dispute

In an interview, Jagdish Dave, the manager of Dakor Temple, stated that the incident occurred within the temple premises. A clash erupted between two Vaishnav devotees over darshan-related matters. 

Prompt action was taken by both the deployed police personnel and our security team to swiftly diffuse the situation and restore calm in the temple premises.

Enhanced Security Measures in Temple Premises

The seriousness of incidents like the recent altercation at the temple premises is understood to be a cause for concern. Therefore, the police, along with temple authorities, are diligently reviewing CCTV footage to identify the perpetrators and prevent such incidents from recurring in the future. 

A few months ago, similar altercations had occurred within the temple premises, leading to heightened security measures and installation of CCTV cameras. With the aim of preventing further incidents, the police have initiated proactive measures in collaboration with temple management to ensure the safety and security of devotees and maintain the sanctity of the temple environment.

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