Legendary Actor Tom Wilkinson, Oscar Nominee for ‘The Full Monty’ and ‘Batman,’ Passes Away After a Prolific 47-Year Career with 100 Films

Renowned British actor Tom Wilkinson, known for films like ‘The Full Monty’ and ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel,’ has passed away. The 75-year-old actor took his last breath on Saturday, confirmed by his family, who released a statement to confirm his demise.

Wilkinson’s Agent Confirms Sudden Passing

Wilkinson’s agent released a statement on behalf of his family, announcing that he passed away unexpectedly at home on Saturday. The statement did not provide the cause of his death.

Academy Award Nomination in 2001

Wilkinson received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor in 2001 for his role in the family drama ‘In the Bedroom.’ Additionally, he earned a nomination in 2007 for Best Supporting Actor for the film ‘Michael Clayton,’ starring George Clooney.

Emmy and Golden Globe Awards for ‘John Adams’

In 2008, Wilkinson received both an Emmy and a Golden Globe Award for his portrayal of American statesman Benjamin Franklin in the mini-series ‘John Adams.’ He played a critical role in shaping American politics during that time.

Most Followed British Actor in the UK

Born in the UK, Wilkinson garnered immense popularity and a massive following in his home country, especially after his role in the 1997 film ‘The Full Monty.’ He won the British Academy Film Award for Best Supporting Actor for his outstanding performance.

Remarkable Career with Nearly 100 Films

Wilkinson started his career with the Polish film ‘Smuga cienia’ in 1976. Over the span of 47 years, he worked in almost 100 films, including iconic series like ‘Batman’ and ‘Mission: Impossible.’

Versatile Talent in TV and Theatre

Apart from his film career, Wilkinson was active in television, participating in around 50 TV shows. He also made a mark in theater with his versatile talent.

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