Modi-Mamata’s Animated Dance Video: PM Enjoys Dance; Bengal Police Issues Notice to Sharer

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee are seen dancing on an animated meme video. Both leaders are shown dancing on a stage in front of a crowd. The video of both leaders is going viral on social media.

Police Expresses Displeasure Over Video

However, the Bengal police expressed displeasure over this video. Kolkata Police’s Crime Cell has issued a notice to a user who shared the video on social media. The police asked the user for their name and address and instructed them to delete the post.

Bengal Police stated that action would be taken if the user failed to disclose their name and address. One user had captioned the video saying, “This is pure gold. Whoever made this video deserves an Oscar.” Kolkata Police commented on this post, saying, “Kindly reveal your name and address immediately. Failure to provide information will result in legal action against you.”

Public’s Reaction and Counteractions

Social media users changed their reaction to Bengal Police’s meme. People started sharing Mamata’s video, which was later deleted by the police.

Modi commented, “I enjoyed watching myself dance.”

On the other hand, Modi praised the action of Bengal Police and criticized Mamata Banerjee through an animated video. However, he also shared the video.

In response, PM Modi wrote, “I also enjoyed watching all of you dance. Creativity truly brings joy during elections. After this, Modi posted laughing emojis.

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