Ahmedabad Plumber Loses Borrowed 4.64 Lakhs with Activa: Faces Theft En Route

In Ahmedabad, a person working in plumbing borrowed money from a friend and also took out money from his own home to carry out plumbing work in an apartment complex. He had undertaken plumbing work worth a total of 4.64 lakhs. Subsequently, an unknown person, residing in the same apartment complex where the plumbing work was done, absconded after taking money and valuables from the complainant. The case has been reported to the Chandkheda Police Station.

Investigation Initiated by Chandkheda Police

Residing in Ellisbridge, Ranjit Vaghela works as a plumber. He borrowed 2.14 lakhs from a friend and, in addition to that, took 2.50 lakhs from his own home, intending to start a business. After completing the work, a friend informed him about another job opportunity elsewhere. As a result, he left his plumbing work and went to work at another location. Later, he approached Signature Bank for work, parking his vehicle in the Active parking lot. During this time, he needed acid, and when he came down to get it, he found that his vehicle was missing from Active, where his plumbing tools were kept. Not finding the Active vehicle, he searched around but couldn’t find it. Realizing that an unknown person had stolen his Active vehicle and tools, amounting to a loss of 4.14 lakhs, he filed a complaint with the Chandkheda Police Station.

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