Indian Student Death in Ohio Adds to Growing Concerns: Kidnapping Still Unsolved

Another Indian student has died in Ohio, USA. The Indian embassy has been informed of this information. The cause of death has not yet been revealed. An investigation is underway.

The embassy stated, “An Indian student named Sathy Sai Gaddi has passed away in Ohio, USA. We are saddened by this news. We will assist the family in every possible way. We will try to ensure that the student’s body reaches India as soon as possible.” However, the embassy did not specify when and from where the student’s body was found.

In the last three months, we have seen the deaths of 10 Indian students in America.

The fear of abduction of another Indian student in Ohio, coupled with his death.

On March 20, an Indian student was abducted in America. The abductors had demanded a ransom of nearly 1 lakh rupees from his father, who resides in Hyderabad. They had even threatened that if the money is not sent or if the police are informed, they will sell the student’s kidney. The student is still missing. There are concerns about his death.

25-year-old Abdul Mohammad was studying for his master’s degree at Cleveland University in Ohio. He went to America in May 2023. His family says they have not spoken to Abdul since March 7.

Here’s a glimpse of some attacks and deaths involving Indians:

  1. February 15, 2024: A Indian-origin hotel owner was shot dead after a dispute with a guest over a room in Sheffield, Alabama, USA. The altercation escalated, leading to the shooting. Praveen Raujibhai Patel (76), owner of the Hillcrest Hotel in Sheffield, was killed in the incident.

Sheffield Police Chief Ricky Terry stated that William Jeremy Moran, 34, has been arrested on suspicion of the murder of Praveen Raujibhai Patel. Moran had rented a room at the hotel and got into an argument with Patel. Subsequently, Moran allegedly shot Patel.

2. February 4, 2024: An Indian student was attacked in Chicago. The incident was captured on video, showing three assailants following the student. Subsequently, they assaulted and robbed him, leaving him injured.

The student had left home to have a meal. After the incident, some people, including Saiyed Mazahir Ali (a student), came to help. Mazahir told them, “I had gone out to have food. I bought the food and was returning home. Then three people came and started following me. They attacked me. When people gathered, they fled after snatching my phone.”

3. February 4, 2024: The body of Samir Kamath, an Indian-American student, was found in a park in an Indian state. He had completed his master’s degree and was pursuing a PhD. He held dual citizenship of both India and the United States.

4. February 2, 2024: Indian student Shreyas passed away in Ohio. The cause of death is not yet known. Regarding Shreyas’s death, the Indian Consulate in New York stated that Shreyas Reddy was studying business. They expressed sorrow upon learning about his death. Police investigation is ongoing in this matter.

5. February 7, 2024: A person of Indian origin passed away in the capital city of the United States, Washington. 41-year-old Vivek Taneja was found unconscious outside a restaurant. He was taken to the hospital where he succumbed to his condition.

The police stated that on February 2, Vivek had an altercation with an individual outside the restaurant. A physical fight ensued between them. When we arrived at the scene, Vivek was found in critical condition. He was rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, he passed away on February 7, five days after the incident.

6. January 20, 2024: The lifeless body of Akul Dhawan was discovered outside the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. According to the postmortem report, his death was caused by hypothermia. Hypothermia is a condition where the body loses heat faster than it can produce, resulting in abnormally low body temperature.

The news of Akul Dhawan’s demise shocked many. Subsequently, Dhawan’s parents accused the university of negligence.

7. January 16, 2024: A tragic incident occurred in the state of Georgia, where an Indian student named Vivek Saini was brutally murdered. According to Fox News, a homeless individual repeatedly struck Vivek on the head with a hammer around 50 times. Vivek was employed at a food mart at the time of the incident. The assailant was known to frequent the area near the store.

Vivek and other employees of the store had offered shelter to this homeless individual before. He used to reside there. However, on January 16th, when Vivek asked him to vacate the premises, he became enraged and committed the heinous act of murdering Vivek. The police apprehended the suspect on Sunday. A video of the incident had gone viral on social media.

8. January 28, 2024: Indian student Neil Acharya was found murdered in the state of Indiana. According to police officials, his lifeless body was discovered on the university campus at 11:30 AM on January 28th. Subsequently, the police confirmed Neil’s death. He had been missing since 12 o’clock. Neil’s mother, Gauri Acharya, shared this information on social media. The cause of his death has not been disclosed yet.

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