Modi Declares ‘Country is My Family’ in Telangana; Shah-Nadda Tagged X as ‘Modi’s Family’; Lalu Denies PM’s Family

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated several projects worth ₹56,000 crore in Adilabad, Telangana, on Monday. Following the inauguration, he addressed a rally in the area, delivering a speech that lasted for 25 minutes. During his speech, PM Modi touched upon various topics including family politics, the Congress party, BRS, and the development of Telangana. 

His visit and the inauguration of these projects signify the government’s commitment to bolstering infrastructure and fostering development in Telangana, showcasing the BJP’s efforts to strengthen its presence in the state ahead of the upcoming elections.

PM Modi: My Nation, My Family

Prime Minister Modi, addressing the issue of family politics, remarked, “Whenever I speak about dynastic politics, opposition members claim that Modi doesn’t have a family. I want to clarify that my family comprises the 1.4 billion citizens of my country. I left my home in childhood for the people of this nation, and I am willing to devote my life to them.” 

With this statement, PM Modi emphasizes his deep-rooted connection to the people of India, portraying the nation as his family and pledging unwavering commitment to serve its citizens, resonating with his vision of a united and prosperous India.

Political Exchanges and Social Media Reactions: Lalu Yadav’s Critique and Modi’s Response

During a rally in Patna on March 2nd, Lalu Prasad Yadav made pointed remarks about Prime Minister Narendra Modi, questioning his position and criticizing his stance against dynastic politics. Yadav remarked that while Modi accuses others of fighting for their families, he himself does not have a family, referencing Modi’s personal background and the absence of a traditional political dynasty. Yadav also brought up the absence of public mourning rituals following Modi’s mother’s demise, a practice common among Hindus. 

This comment sparked a response from Modi, who, during a rally in Adilabad, Telangana, refrained from directly mentioning Yadav but indirectly addressed the issue. Shortly after this exchange, prominent BJP leaders took to social media platforms, appending “Modi’s Family” before their names, in a seemingly retaliatory move against Yadav’s remarks. This exchange highlights the intense political discourse and social media dynamics prevalent in Indian politics, where personal narratives and public perceptions play significant roles in shaping political discourse and public opinion.

PM Modi’s Speech Summarized in Four Points

During a recent rally, Prime Minister Modi addressed several crucial points:

  • Development Celebrations, Not Election Rhetoric: PM Modi emphasized that his recent visits and inauguration of developmental projects in Telangana shouldn’t be seen as mere election campaigns but as celebrations of Telangana’s progress. He denounced the labeling of development projects as mere election strategies, highlighting the significant investments made in infrastructure and education.
  • Character Over Partisanship: Modi critiqued the shift in faces within Telangana’s political landscape, stressing that despite the changes, the underlying issues of corruption and deceit remain unchanged. He criticized the TRS, suggesting that regardless of the party name, corruption prevails, leaving citizens to bear the consequences.
  • Nation as Family: Modi reiterated that when he talks about family, he refers to the entire nation of 1.4 billion people. He shared personal anecdotes and underscored his commitment to serving the nation’s citizens, highlighting the intimate connection he feels with every individual’s dreams and aspirations.
  • Serving the Nation’s Dreams: Modi recalled leaving his home with a dream of serving the nation, affirming that every moment of his life is dedicated to fulfilling the aspirations of the people. He expressed gratitude for the immense support and love he receives from millions across the country, reaffirming his commitment to turning their dreams into reality.

In essence, Modi emphasized the transformational journey he embarked upon, leaving behind personal ambitions to serve the nation. He reiterated that every citizen, irrespective of background or affiliation, is a part of his extended family, echoing his dedication to their well-being and progress.

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