Newborn Abandoned in Travel Bag: Baby Girl Found on Train, Under Treatment at Ahmedabad Civil Hospital

A heartless mother abandons a newborn baby girl at Kalupur Railway Station, bagging her in two bags, just two days after her birth, proving the proverb “Ma te ma, bija badha van vagdana va” (A mother is the refuge for all, even for other people’s children) wrong. Passengers heard the cries of the baby and immediately informed the Railway Police. Following the report, both Railway Police and RPF teams reached the spot immediately. The newborn baby was found and within five minutes, an ambulance was summoned. The baby was taken to Civil Hospital for care and examination. Currently, the baby’s condition is reported to be stable.

According to available information, at Kalupur Railway Station in Ahmedabad, on platform number 6, passengers of the Udbhav Express train heard the cries of a newborn baby coming from a compartment. Passengers investigated and found a bag in one of the train compartments. Inside the bag, they discovered a newborn baby girl who had been wrapped in warm clothes. The baby was found to be alive. Upon learning of the situation, a team of Railway Police and RPF was immediately informed and the Railway Police staff reached the train promptly.

In stable condition,

When railway police arrived, the baby was found wrapped in diapers and warm clothes. It was cold at the time, and the police decided to immediately call the 108 ambulance service to take the baby. A 108 ambulance with EMT Pradipsinh from Kotda location reached the spot. The baby was examined and found to be in good condition, responsive and active. To conduct further examinations, she was transferred to the Civil Hospital. Currently, the baby is being kept at a horse stable in the 1200-bed hospital, and her condition remains stable.

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