Homicide of Another Gujarati in America: Alabama Motel Owner, 76, Shot in Room Rent Dispute

In yet another distressing incident, a Gujarati individual has been fatally shot in America. The incident occurred in the state of Alabama, where 76-year-old Praveen Raavjibhai Patel, owner of a motel in the original Chhatar town, was shot dead last week amid a dispute over room rent. In this case, the police have apprehended a 34-year-old man named William Jeremy Moore. 

Sheffield Police Chief Ricky Terry revealed that Moore was immediately arrested following the incident. Moore was attempting to hide in an abandoned house on 13th Avenue when he was captured by the authorities. This tragic event once again raises concerns about the safety of immigrants and underscores the need for heightened security measures and community awareness.

The Pistol Used in the Murder has Been Recovered

The police have disclosed that the pistol used in the murder has also been recovered from the possession of the suspect. As the warrant has not been issued yet, Moore is currently being held in Sheffield City Jail. Subsequently, he will be transferred to Colbert County Jail. Following the post-mortem, Praveen Raavjibhai Patel’s final rites were conducted on February 12th.

Police Arrested the Suspect Youth

Police Arrested the Suspect Youth

The Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) expressed deep sorrow over the murder of the hotel owner. Recently, a tragic incident unfolded in San Mateo, California, where a couple of Indian-American origin from Kerala and their four-year-old children were found in critical condition. Despite efforts, the news of their recovery hasn’t surfaced, adding to the grief within the Gujarati and Indian communities in America due to yet another tragedy.

While the warrant has not been issued yet, Moore will remain in Sheffield City Jail until then, stated Terry, and afterward, he will be transferred to Colbert County Jail. On Monday (12th), final rites for Praveen Patel were conducted at Morrison Funeral Home in Tuscumbia, Alabama, according to his memorial service.

Eyewitness Accounts Revealed

Barber James Owens, who was working near the scene, disclosed that he heard gunfire three times. Furthermore, he stated that he couldn’t trust the firing incident and continued his work.

Recent Murders of Indians in America

In recent weeks, several Indian-origin individuals have tragically lost their lives in various incidents across the United States. In California, a family of Indian descent was found dead at their residence, including their four-year-old children. Additionally, a 41-year-old Indian IT professional was fatally shot outside a restaurant in Washington earlier this month. In Chicago, Indian student Saiyad Majhir Ali was attacked and killed by robbers. 

In Lithonia, Georgia, a 25-year-old Indian student was assaulted and killed by drug addicts. Shreyas Reddy Bheemireddy, a 19-year-old Indian youth, was found dead in Ohio. Furthermore, Samir Kamath, a 23-year-old Indian student at Purdue University, was found dead in India on February 5th. Nil Acharya, another Indian student at Purdue University, went missing on January 28th and was later found dead. These incidents have raised concerns about the safety and security of the Indian community in the United States.

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