Boxer Vijender Singh Joins BJP Who Supported Women Wrestler

Vijender Singh, the Olympian boxer from Bhiwani, Haryana, has joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday. He has taken membership of the party at the BJP headquarters in New Delhi. Vijender had joined the Congress in 2019. He was fielded by the party as a Lok Sabha candidate from South Delhi, but he lost the election.

Vijender Singh hails from Bhiwani district in Haryana and belongs to the Jat community. His influence could sway the electoral dynamics in Western UP and parts of Haryana. He won a bronze medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and also clinched a gold medal in the Asian Games.

A day before joining the BJP, Vijender Singh, who was a staunch Congressman, had retweeted posts criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi made by Rahul Gandhi.

Vijender Singh once raised a question about whether India’s image would improve or deteriorate globally by retiring from wrestling. The entire sports industry is disappointed. What will the parents send their daughters to stadiums for now? Now Vijender is saying that since BJP has come to power, athletes receive much more respect.

Vijender said – I have always spoken the truth.

When asked about the performance of Haryana’s athletes, Vijender Singh said that he has always spoken the truth and will continue to do so. By joining BJP, I will do good for many athletes. If you are joining BJP, what is lacking in Congress, he replied to such a question, Congress people will tell you what is lacking in them. I have now joined BJP.

The announcement to contest elections from Bhiwani was made in 2024.

Prior to this, Vijender Singh had announced his candidacy to contest the Lok Sabha elections from Bhiwani, Haryana, in 2024. With this announcement, he had said that this decision would be taken by the party. Vijender Singh also supported the farmers’ agitation. Discussions about joining the common man’s party had started some time ago.

Shocked Everyone with a Tweet Three Months Ago

Boxer Vijender Singh had shocked everyone with a tweet three months ago. He wrote on his X handle – “Politics is a brother of Ram-Ram”. Due to his statement, there were speculations that he had retired from politics. Later, he withdrew this and announced his active participation in politics by removing the denial. He had announced his candidacy from Bhiwani in 2024.

Defeat in South Delhi Meeting

Vijender Singh faced defeat in the South Delhi meeting. He had entered politics even before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Congress had fielded Vijender Singh from South Delhi constituency, but he had to face a significant defeat here. He hails from the Jat community and had won a bronze medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Not only that, he had also won a gold medal in the Asian Games.

Active in Bollywood as well

Vijender Singh made his Bollywood debut on June 13, 2014, with the release of the film “Fugly”. This film was produced by Grazing Goat Pictures owned by Akshay Kumar and Ashvini Yardi. The film received mostly positive reviews. Discussions about making a film by South Indian director Anand had started in 2011, but Vijender Singh had not confirmed it later.

Linked with Drug Smuggler

Punjab Police seized 26 kilograms of heroin worth 130 crore rupees from the house of Arjuna awardee player Jagdish Singh, also known as Bhola. Anup Singh had alleged that Vijender Singh and his friend Ram Singh had purchased heroin many times. Amidst police interrogation, Vijender’s friend Ram Singh confessed to consuming drugs.

Controversy at the Tasker’s Home

When a photo of boxer Vijender Singh was found at the house of a drug smuggler, a car registered in his wife’s name was also found outside the house. In the midst of all this, Vijender and his wife Archana had declared themselves innocent during police interrogation.

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