Violent Clash at Ahmedabad Airport: Auto Drivers Dispute With Security Gaurd, Security Guard Attacked, Passengers Panic

Yesterday, there was a skirmish between security personnel and auto rickshaw drivers at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Airport in Ahmedabad. Video footage of the incident has surfaced, showing rickshaw drivers approaching the arrival area and engaging in heated arguments with security guards, leading to physical altercations. The footage depicts chaotic scenes, causing fear among passengers at the airport. Some rickshaw drivers were heard using abusive language, prompting police intervention and filing of complaints.

Scenes of Violence Alarm Passengers

Late at night, some intoxicated rickshaw drivers have been known to solicit rides from arriving passengers at the airport. However, last night, security guards intervened to stop the drivers from soliciting, leading to confrontations. Amidst this, some rickshaw drivers managed to reach the arrival area and engaged in physical altercations with security personnel, further unsettling the atmosphere. Witnessing scenes of violence, some passengers became fearful and alarmed.

Tension Mounts in Recent Days

Efforts to enhance passenger convenience continue day by day at the airport. Over the past five months, tensions have escalated between auto rickshaw drivers and security guards at Ahmedabad Airport. Previously, incidents of security guards stopping drivers from soliciting rides had led to attacks on them. Subsequently, changes were made in arrangements to decrease such incidents. However, tension between security guards and auto rickshaw drivers has risen again in the past two days, with violent scenes unfolding last night.

Ahmedabad Airport: Gujarat’s Most Connected Hub

Ahmedabad’s Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Airport remains Gujarat’s most connected and largest airport, offering convenience to passengers. The airport boasts various facilities such as digital check-in, self-baggage drop systems, intelligent robot cleaning, and increased capacity in pick-up and drop lanes, making it a premier facility. Its operational efficiency has led it to become the preferred airport for international airlines seeking direct connectivity to Western India. Additionally, to assist travelers, the airport maintains a 24-hour executive staff presence.

24-Hour Security Staff Ensure Safety

Furthermore, in terms of runway facilities, Ahmedabad Airport ranks first in operational efficiency across Gujarat state. Its continuous efforts to increase connectivity daily have made it the preferred airport for Western India. To ensure passenger safety, the airport employs 24-hour executive staff assistance. Even outside the airport premises, departure and arrival areas are constantly monitored, with 24-hour security staff stationed to prevent any untoward incidents.

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