Alarming Incident Tweeted to Railway Ministry: Kalupur Station Issues – Bag Snatching, Alcoholism, Police Queries

In recent times, Kalupur Railway Station in Ahmedabad has witnessed a concerning rise in incidents of harassment targeting commuters, particularly in the vicinity of platforms 6 and 7 where lifts are stationed. A recent video depicting an attempt by an individual to snatch a passenger’s bag circulated among vigilant citizens, leading to its dissemination on social media platforms and subsequent tagging of the Ministry of Railways for attention. However, as of now, no concrete actions have been reported from the Railway Police Force (RPF) or the state railway authorities regarding the matter.

Despite the presence of Railway Protection Force (RPF) and state railway police personnel at Kalupur Railway Station, perpetrators have been observed returning to the station premises and creating an environment of apprehension for passengers. Instances of theft and physical altercations have unfortunately become recurrent, despite prior attempts to enhance security measures.

Disturbances Caused by Offenders at Railway Stations

Disturbances Caused by Offenders at Railway Stations

At Kalupur Railway Station, attempts by miscreants to snatch passengers’ belongings have become alarmingly frequent, especially near platforms 6 and 7 where lifts are located. In a recent incident, a commuter was targeted by an individual who tried to grab their bag as they were about to enter the lift. Fortunately, fellow passengers intervened and prevented the bag from being snatched by the offender. The entire episode was captured on video by an alert citizen, who promptly shared it on social media platforms and tagged the Ministry of Railways, emphasizing the urgent need for assistance from local law enforcement.

Responding to the tweet, the Railway Protection Force (RPF) in Ahmedabad assured that they would investigate the matter. However, as of now, no concrete action has been reported regarding this incident. The recurrence of such incidents highlights the imperative for enhanced security measures and active vigilance at railway stations to ensure the safety and security of passengers.

Proliferation of Alcohol and Cannabis Sales in Vicinity of Railway Stations

Proliferation of Alcohol and Cannabis Sales in Vicinity of Railway Stations

The area surrounding railway stations, including Kalupur Railway Station in Ahmedabad, witnesses a notable proliferation of alcohol and cannabis sales. Local vendors peddle indigenous alcoholic beverages in the vicinity, often operating with impunity as railway police intervention remains minimal. According to sources, the Kalupur market, located near the BRTS bus stand, hosts the offices of the State Railway Police’s Senior Superintendent (SSP), Local Crime Branch (LCB), and Railway Protection Force (RPF). 

Behind these offices, an open market for indigenous alcohol thrives. Especially during the morning hours, many individuals can be observed consuming alcohol openly in the vicinity, yet enforcement actions remain scarce.

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