Chilling Footage Shows 7-Minute Hall Sitting, 15 Bullet Shooting, Scooty Stop at Gunpoint, and Escape, All Caught on Camera

National Rajput Leader Sukhdev Singh Gogamedi Assassination: CCTV Footage Reveals Shocking Scenes

After the assassination of National Rajput leader Sukhdev Singh Gogamedi, three CCTV footage clips have emerged. In the first footage, criminals can be seen committing the murder. The second footage captures gunfire outside the house, with Gogamedi’s guards engaging in crossfire. In the third footage, both perpetrators are seen fleeing on the road after the murder.

First CCTV Footage: Gogamedi’s Assassination Unfolds in Chilling Detail

The initial CCTV footage reveals a chilling sequence of events within the hall where Sukhdev Singh Gogamedi was present with three individuals, engaging in conversation. After approximately 7 minutes of conversation, one of the assailants stood up from the sofa, aimed a gun at Gogamedi’s head, and fired. At the same time, Navin Singh Shaktawat, sitting beside Gogamedi, was also attacked by the other two assailants.

As the attackers fired shots, Navin Singh attempted to intervene, but he too became a target, receiving gunshots. Amidst the chaos, a youth present in the hall managed to escape outside. The assailants continued their indiscriminate firing, and another person, attempting to flee, was shot as well. The assailants persistently fired rounds, creating a scene of pandemonium and violence in the hall.

Second CCTV Footage: Guards Respond Amidst Continuous Firing

In the second CCTV footage, it is evident that during the continuous firing inside the room, Sukhdev Singh’s security guards, armed with weapons, were positioned outside. As the assailants initiated gunfire and attempted to exit, a guard positioned in the corridor fired back. The sound of gunfire prompted several individuals to flee the scene.

Following the exchange of gunfire, the assailants managed to escape from the premises. The rapid response of the security personnel demonstrated a concerted effort to contain the situation and protect Sukhdev Singh Gogamedi and others present in the vicinity.

This footage provides a glimpse into the chaotic and dangerous circumstances surrounding the targeted attack on Sukhdev Singh Gogamedi.

Third CCTV Footage: Pursuit and Escape

In the third CCTV footage, both assailants can be seen fleeing on foot on the street. They initially attempted to stop a car by brandishing a pistol, but the car managed to escape, prompting the criminals to resort to chasing a scooter. Subsequently, they intercepted a scooter and forcibly stopped it.

After stopping the scooter, the assailants mounted it and sped away from the scene. The primary investigation suggests that the criminals intended to create confusion and delay the police response by creating a diversion involving the pursuit of the scooter.

During the preliminary inquiry, it was revealed that both criminals were involved in making the pedestrian, identified as Navin, an accomplice in Sukhdev Gogamedi’s murder. The assailants used the pretext of meeting Sukhdev Gogamedi as a ruse to reach the location where the crime occurred.

Incident Prior to the Crime: Assailants Consumed Alcohol

Before the incident, the Scorpio car, parked outside the house, contained a bag, a liquor bottle, and an empty glass, as found by the police. The Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) team has gathered evidence from the firing site to consolidate the investigation. To facilitate the forensic examination, the police have secured the Scorpio car, where the assailants were observed consuming alcohol in the park area adjacent to the house.


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