Norwegian Woman Bitten by Dog in Mumbai, Seeks Injection in Surat: Viral Video of the Incident in India

A young Norwegian woman, who had traveled to India, arrived at Surat Civil Hospital in Mumbai to receive an injection after being bitten by a dog. The hospital staff became curious upon her arrival for the injection. The woman had encountered a stray dog while in Mumbai, and suddenly, the dog had pounced on her. After initial care, she arrived at Surat Hospital with her friends to receive the second dose of the injection for dog bite. The incident of her receiving the injection for the dog bite has gone viral on social media.

A Norwegian girl was bitten by a dog and treated in Surat

Curiosity Among Hospital Staff as Foreign Woman Visits Surat for Second Dose

When the foreign woman arrived in Surat, it was time for her second dose, so she came to Civil Hospital. The video of this foreign woman’s visit to Civil Hospital went viral on social media. Even the hospital staff were curious to see her. The foreign woman received the injection and then left the Civil Hospital premises.

Curiosity arose in the staff when the girl reached the hospital

Incident of Dog Encounter During Mumbai Stay Leads Norwegian Woman to Surat

A young woman hailing from Norway, residing in Mumbai, undertook a journey from Mumbai to Surat for medical attention. During her stay in Mumbai, she encountered a stray dog. Suddenly, the dog pounced on her, causing a moment of alarm. Consequently, she sought medical care at a hospital in Mumbai. Later, accompanied by her friends, she arrived in Surat for the administration of the second dose of the dog bite vaccine at the new Civil Hospital facility.

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