Surat: Dog Bites Spark Urgent Vaccination Rush: Children to Adults Queue Up

In Surat, the terror of roaming stray dogs is prevalent. Today, in various parts of the city, one after another, incidents have occurred where packs of 10 or more dogs have attacked people. At Surat Civil Hospital, 10 such cases of dog bites were reported this morning, with people lining up for vaccination doses. Infants to elderly individuals have fallen victim to dog attacks, causing panic among residents. In one instance, a teenager was bitten, leading his mother to rush him to Civil Hospital, where the medical staff provided immediate care.

Adolescents Attacked by Stray Dogs While Accompanying Mother

The neighborhood of Pandesara has witnessed an alarming rise in stray dog attacks. A 14-year-old named Ganesh Kahar was bitten by a dog while returning home from school. Ganesh is a 6th-grade student, and the incident occurred while he was accompanying his relatives to their house in the morning. The dogs attacked Ganesh’s legs, creating fear in both the mother and the child. They immediately rushed to Civil Hospital, where the medical team examined and treated the child.

Administration Distributes Anti-Rabies Vaccine After Dog Attacks

Surat Civil Hospital has recorded 10 cases of dog bites today, with people from infants to adults lining up for vaccination. Cases involving children attacked by dogs and subsequently receiving immediate medical attention have been reported. The hospital staff administered the anti-rabies vaccine promptly and also organized lines for additional doses for those seeking vaccination.

20 to 25 Cases of Dog Bites Reported Daily

Surat Municipal Corporation spends millions on sterilization and vaccination efforts, yet the menace of dog attacks persists. Civil Hospital registers 20 to 25 cases of dog bites daily. The frustrated residents demand more effective measures to address the issue, as efforts by the municipality seem inadequate.

Civil Superintendent’s Statement

Dr. Ganesh Govekar, the Civil Superintendent, mentioned that 30 cases have been reported today, including 10 new cases. Dog attacks are most severe when the dogs are in packs, especially targeting children. A special ward with injection and treatment facilities has been set up in the Trombay Center of Civil Hospital to address cases related to dog bites.

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