Jamnagar BJP Women Leaders’ Outcry Escalates Politics

Jamnagar: After the pamphlet scandal in BJP, now MLA Rivaba has come into discussion. An incident has come to light between MLA Rivaba Jadeja, Mayor and MP at the Meri Mitti Mera country program at Lakhota lake in the city. MLA Rivaba Jadeja told the mayor of the city, “Stay calm and don’t be smart, you are behind this.” Jamnagar BJP is in a frenzy after this ruckus. The video of the entire brawl is also going viral on social media.

Rakzak Started in Maari Mati Maaro Desh Programme

Mari Mati Maro Desh program was organized by Jamnagar Municipal Corporation at Lakhota Lake in the city. At the time of the program, there was a spark inside the BJP in the form of a volcano. Internal tension was seen between Jamnagar MP and MLA Rivaba Jadeja. There has been an uproar in the BJP as the MLA slapped the mayor and the MP in a public event. The city president and leaders were in the middle of settling the matter after a public spat between MLA Rivaba Jadeja and Mayor Binaben Kothari at the event.

Jamnagar City Bjp Politics Uproar

MP Poonambane Madam was also present during this fight and tried to calm the matter by playing the role of an elder. However, Rivaba also asked the MP to play the role of an elder well. MLA Divyeshbhai Akbari, city BJP president Vimalbhai Kagathara Jamnagar SP Premsukh Delu etc. intervened, and tried to pacify the matter. After that, MLA Rivaba Jadeja left the venue after completing the programme. In Jamnagar city BJP politics has been going on for some time now. But today the matter reached a climax and there were talks of public display and the whole incident was also captured in the cameras of several media personnel. There has been a lot of uproar in the Jamnagar city BJP circles and the reverberations of this episode are being felt as far as Gandhinagar or Delhi.

What C R Patil Said?

In Jamnagar, there is a commotion in Jamnagar BJP as soon as Rivaba and Poonam madam and the mayor are in turmoil, the state president has also taken note of this whole incident. At Surat BJP state president CR. When asked about this in the press conference held by Patil, he said that he is getting information about the entire matter. After which, this will be discussed with the regional organization.

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