Exciting Update: Discover 3 New LTC Rules for Government Employees!

7th Pay commission 3 New LTC Rules: There is good news for the central government employees waiting for the 7th pay commission. These three new rules of LTC will provide great relief.

The news of severance pay for Central Government Employees has come to the fore. In which LTC means Live Travel Concession (LTC Rules) is going to be three. The Centre’s Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) has released new guidelines on catering charges for rail travel on LTC and air ticket booking under LTC on government account. We know that central government employees get salary as per 7th pay commission. The rules for LTC of the employees drawing pay as per 7th pay five are as per the provisions of Central Civil Services (Leave Travel Concession) Rules, 1988. Then here information is given regarding the clarifications made by DoPT.

Reimbursement of catering charges under LTC: In an office memorandum dated August 10, the DoPT said that reimbursement of catering charges will be allowed on tickets booked for the purpose of Live Travel Concession (LTC).

DoPT said, “Indian Railways now gives the passenger the option of availing the catering facility or not. Taking this into consideration, it has been decided that, if the employees opt for catering service while booking tickets of eligible trains for the purpose of LTC, the catering charges will also be paid.”

Reimbursement of cancellation charges levied by airlines and travel agents: As per the new DoPT rules, both types of cancellation charges i.e. cancellation charges levied by airlines and cancellation charges levied by the three authorized travel agents IRCTC, BLCL and ATT for use of their portals are for official purposes only. will be paid on the basis.

Employees under LTC cannot travel by air on air tickets booked through three authorized travel agents: DoPT has said that government employees who are not entitled to travel by air need not necessarily book their tickets through three travel agencies now.

DoPT said, “It has been decided that government employees who are not entitled to travel by air, but wish to travel by air, are no longer required to compulsorily book air tickets only through these three authorized travel agencies. Among these three travel agencies are M/s Balmer Lowry and Company Limited (BLCL), M/s Ashok Travels and Tours (AU), Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd. (IRCTC) included. Because there is a provision to pay the actual air fare or the eligible train/bus fare for the shortest route, whichever is lower.”

DoPT further added, “If an employee cancels a ticket, the cancellation charges will have to be borne by the concerned government employees. However, government employees under the Special Dispensation Scheme are not entitled to travel by air under LTC, but if they wish to travel by air to the Union Territories of North Eastern Region, Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the employees are required to book through three authorized travel agencies.

DoPT said that compensation can be claimed under LTC travel only as per the notification published. Cases which have already been settled, need not be reopened.

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