Beware: Surat’s ATM Pin-Card Theft for External Assistance Leads to Swift Seizures of 30 Cards, Bike, and More

In Surat, a gang has been swiftly apprehended for swiftly deceiving cardholders under the pretext of assisting them and acquiring their PIN numbers to illicitly withdraw money from ATMs. The diligent efforts of the police have led to the arrest of two key members of the gang. During the investigation, the Dindoli and Pandesara police stations have brought to light the involvement of the two suspects in multiple fraudulent activities.

Upon uncovering further evidence, the police have moved to seek remand for both accused individuals to explore the possibility of uncovering additional criminal offenses. The suspects allegedly engaged in such deceptive practices to fulfill their personal interests.

Furthermore, during the investigation process, the police have confiscated 30 ATM cards, a burgundy moped, and two high-end mobile phones from the possession of the accused. These items serve as critical evidence in ongoing investigations, shedding light on the extent of the gang’s fraudulent activities.

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Comprehensive Overview of the Surat ATM Fraud Cases

In Surat city, numerous complaints have been lodged with the police regarding individuals falling victim to ATM card fraud over recent times. Perpetrators have been gaining the trust of ATM cardholders under the pretext of assisting them and subsequently swapping their cards. Subsequently, they would abscond to other locations and withdraw money from ATMs using the swapped cards. The swift apprehension of one such gang by the local police signifies a significant breakthrough in combating such fraudulent activities. This gang, which duped cardholders under false pretenses, used the ill-gotten money to purchase high-end mobile phones and a burgundy moped to fulfill their personal desires.

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Police Successfully Apprehend Fraudulent Duo Exploiting Cardholders

According to recent disclosures by the Udhnana police, a gang has been caught in the act of defrauding individuals who sought assistance with ATM transactions. The police have successfully apprehended two individuals involved in the scheme. The Udhnana police have confiscated a total of 30 ATM cards from the possession of the accused. The modus operandi of the perpetrators involved gaining the trust of ATM cardholders, obtaining their PIN numbers, and then swapping their cards under the guise of offering assistance. 

The suspects, identified as Ankit alias Lalla Yadav and Ritwik alias Bhola Singh, are currently under interrogation for their involvement in multiple fraudulent activities, which also involve offenses noted by the Dindoli and Pandesara police stations.

Mobile with 30 cards, moped seized

Seizure of 1.30 Million Worth of Assets; Accused Involved in Various Districts

During the interrogation of the suspects, it has been revealed that they had purchased a new Nakor moped and high-end mobile phones using the ill-gotten money acquired through fraudulent means. The police have seized two high-end mobile phones and a moped from the possession of the accused. Additionally, assets worth 1.30 million have been confiscated from the suspects. 

The accused individuals, in their pursuit of fulfilling personal desires, have engaged in various criminal activities not only in Surat but also in districts like Udhnana, Dindoli, Pandesara, and Palsana. The charges against them include multiple offenses, the investigation of which is ongoing. The swift apprehension of the suspects, who are also involved in substance abuse, is a significant breakthrough for the Udhnana police, paving the way for further investigation into their criminal activities.

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