Burglary Escapes: Vadodara Lawyer & Ex-Panchayat Member’s Home Targeted, 20 Lakhs Stolen, 3 Suspects Caught on CCTV

In the village of Manjusar, located in the Savli taluka of Vadodara district, an incident of theft occurred during the late hours involving the burglary of Triputi Baike’s residence, a former Zilla Panchayat member and lawyer. The theft took place amidst the celebrations of a wedding involving their NRI son. Following the completion of the wedding festivities, the lawyer’s family had gone to accompany the newlyweds back to their home. 

Meanwhile, neighboring farmers were hosting a DJ event in the vicinity, and during this time, burglars targeted both residences, allegedly stealing approximately 20 lakh rupees in cash along with other valuables. This incident has caused considerable disturbance and concern within the community, prompting the Manjusar police to initiate an investigation into the matter.

The vaults were empty.

Family Travels to Delhi Following Wedding Celebrations

According to available information, Kiransinh Khumansinh Vaghela and his family, residents of Vadodara’s Manjusar village, are engaged in the legal profession as notaries at the Savli Court. Their NRI son’s wedding ceremony took place on January 21, 2024. During the wedding festivities, approximately 10 lakh rupees in cash, along with 65 grams of gold ornaments and two gold chains, were allegedly stolen, and these items were securely kept in a safe. On February 2, the family traveled to Delhi along with their belongings.

Incident of Burglary at Neighboring Residence During Wedding Celebration

Incident of Burglary at Neighboring Residence During Wedding Celebration

During a wedding celebration in the new neighborhood, Dilipbhai Mohanbhai Chauhan, a former district panchayat member, and his family, who reside in the new locality, were hosting wedding festivities. Amidst the celebratory atmosphere with a DJ event, the Chauhan family decided to visit their neighboring residence. However, upon the wife of Dilipbhai Chauhan awakening the following morning, they discovered that their house had been burglarized.

All things were stolen.

Return Home Interrupted by Burglary Incident

According to police sources, between 3:30 and 4 AM, during the early hours, a burglary took place in the new and old residential areas of Manjusar village in Vadodara. Dilipbhai Chauhan, a farmer residing in the area, reported a theft from his residence, where approximately 3 lakh 80 thousand rupees in cash, along with gold and silver ornaments totaling 7 lakh 22 thousand rupees, were stolen. 

Similarly, at the residence of notary Kiransinh Vaghela in Vaghela Faliya, thieves broke into the house and stole approximately 10 lakh rupees in cash and gold ornaments. Upon learning about the burglary at their home, the lawyer’s family immediately returned to Vadodara early this morning.

Burglars Evade Capture, Investigation Underway

Burglars Evade Capture, Investigation Underway

In a swift response to a complaint lodged by Dilipbhai Chauhan, the Manjusar Police promptly launched an investigation upon receiving information about a burglary that occurred within a span of approximately one and a half hours. Following diligent scrutiny, CCTV footage revealed the involvement of three burglars in the criminal act. The burglars sequentially targeted residences, pilfering an estimated sum of 20 lakh rupees in total during their unlawful escapade. The incident stirred turmoil within the village, prompting intensified vigilance and concern among residents.

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