Journey of Train from Jammu: 83 km Trip Without a Driver in a Train at 100 km/h Speed

A shocking incident has unfolded near Pathankot, Punjab, where a freight train suddenly started running at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour without a driver. It’s surprising because there was no driver in the freight train. Consequently, the unmanned train continued to run without a conductor, and after many efforts, it was stopped at a station 83 kilometers away.

Halting the Speeding Freight Train

The Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) of Firozpur Division, J.S. Guleria, stated that efforts are underway to stop the freight train. Due to the arrival of a passenger bus near Jalandhar, the speeding train came to a halt. The freight train, being driven without a driver, covered approximately 70 kilometers before reaching the passenger bus.

Train Starts Running Without a Driver

The train was standing on a slope at a railway station in Kathua, gradually moving forward on its own. The Kathua railway station authorities were informed that the train had moved forward without the red signal. The train had moved slightly away from the Kathua railway station platform, and then senior railway officials promptly cleared the entire railway line towards Jalandhar. This train with 53 coaches was laden with stones.

Halting the Uncontrolled Train

The freight train started running from Kathua at 7:00 AM, departed from Madhopur at 7:24 AM, reached Sujanpur at 7:30 AM, then arrived at Bharoli railway station at 7:33 AM, followed by Pathankot railway station at 7:36 AM, and finally was stopped at Kandrori railway station at 8:37 AM.

Social Media Reacts to the Incident

Users on social media demanded the suspension of the driver when the video of the incident went viral on social media. One user wrote that this is a serious incident that questions railway safety protocols, emphasizing the need for a thorough investigation into such incidents in the future. Another user demanded the suspension of the driver. One user expressed concern, stating that this is extremely alarming and the Railway Minister should resign. There were no casualties in the incident.

What Happened?

According to available information, this incident occurred on Sunday morning around 7:10. The driver had halted goods train number 14806R at Katua Junction. Here, the driver descended from the train to have tea. Meanwhile, the train unexpectedly started moving forward and picked up speed abruptly. Reports suggest that the Katua railway station authorities mentioned that the goods wagon was carrying concrete. This concrete was being loaded from the Katua Junction. When the driver (locally known as the pilot) and the co-driver stopped for tea, the engine started moving. Consequently, at around 7:10 in the morning, the train suddenly began moving forward. Sources indicate that the driver hadn’t engaged the handbrake before disembarking from the train.

Driver’s Realization Derailed

After witnessing the train’s movement, the driver was taken aback. This information was conveyed to railway authorities. Several attempts were made to stop the train thereafter. However, all these efforts were futile. Eventually, the passenger train’s driver and staff managed to halt the train near Dasuha. By then, the train had covered a distance of approximately 83 kilometers.

Averting a Major Disaster

Fortunately, there was no other train on the same track; otherwise, a major catastrophe could have ensued. There is no information available regarding any loss of life or property in this incident. Railway authorities have ordered an investigation into the matter, and a team has been dispatched from Firozpur to ascertain the cause.

Similar Incidents in the Past

Incidents of trains running without their drivers, leading to chaos, have occurred in the past as well. According to available information, in 2012, the driver of the Bihar Sampark Kranti Express parked the train at the Patna Yard and left it unattended. Due to technical faults, the train couldn’t be immobilized properly. Consequently, the train started moving at a slow pace. This caused panic among the passengers. The station master immediately issued alerts to stop all trains passing through that route. Subsequently, another driver reversed the train, boarded it, and applied the brakes to bring it to a halt.

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