Violent Attack at BJP MLA’s Petrol Pump in Vadodara: Thugs Loot 90K, Assault Supervisor

In a shocking incident that recently occurred on Khodiyarnagar Panjarapol Road in the jurisdiction of Harani Police Station in Vadodara, an attempted murder and robbery took place at a petrol pump. The unidentified culprits executed a brazen act of looting cash from the establishment. Following the robbery, the supervisor, in an attempt to recover the stolen money, confronted the perpetrators, eliciting a nasty response. 

Subsequently, the situation escalated as additional individuals were summoned, and the supervisor was subjected to a brutal attack involving plastic pipes and swords. The Harani police have taken cognizance of the matter and registered a complaint against two identified individuals, Namjog and 25 other unknown assailants. A thorough investigation is now underway to apprehend the culprits responsible for this heinous crime. It has been disclosed that the targeted petrol pump is owned by the son of BJP MLA Shailesh Mehta (Sotta), adding a notable dimension to this unfortunate incident.

BJP MLA’s Son Speaks Out on Violent Petrol Pump Robbery: CCTV Footage Under Scrutiny Despite Technical Glitch

In a recent telephonic conversation with Shailesh Mehta (Sotta), the owner of the petrol pump targeted in the violent robbery and attempted murder incident in Vadodara, he shed light on the unfortunate episode. Mehta revealed that the incident unfolded last night, during which the employees at the petrol pump were subjected to assault and robbery.

Discussing the technical aspect of the incident, Mehta explained that the CCTV system malfunctioned due to a power outage. The tripping of the light caused the disruption, leading to a lack of recorded footage during the critical moments of the attack. Despite this setback, Mehta assured that the police investigation is actively proceeding based on available CCTV footage from the surrounding area.

Supervisor Files Complaint Narrating Harrowing Incident at Vadodara Petrol Pump

In a formal complaint lodged by Vishalbhai Rashmikantbhai Parmar, the supervisor at the petrol pump under the jurisdiction of Harani Police Station, a distressing incident unfolded last night. Parmar detailed that while on duty, he was in the process of collecting cash from the individuals working at the petrol pump.

At approximately half-past nine in the evening, four individuals resembling Sardarji arrived on two motorcycles. Disturbingly, these individuals not only engaged in the use of offensive language but also directed inappropriate remarks towards the patrons at the petrol pump, where women were present to refuel their vehicles.

The situation escalated when Felash Luhar, the attendant responsible for dispensing petrol, advised one of the individuals to move away, citing the presence of ladies at the pump. The incident, which began with verbal altercations, later spiraled into a violent robbery and assault, leaving the employees at the petrol pump traumatized.

Brave Intervention Amidst Violent Confrontation: Eyewitness Account of Harrowing Petrol Pump Attack

In the aftermath of a harrowing incident involving robbery and brutal assault at the Vadodara petrol pump, an eyewitness account by an individual who intervened to prevent further harm sheds light on the chaotic sequence of events. Following the initial robbery and attack with a sword and a pipe, the four assailants engaged in a physical altercation, prompting the intervention of the eyewitness.

As this courageous individual stepped in to mediate, the situation took an even more troubling turn. The four individuals, still agitated from their initial actions, exhibited rude behavior and escalated the confrontation. Subsequently, a substantial sum of cash, ranging from 80 to 90 thousand, was forcibly taken.

In an attempt to curb the escalating violence, the eyewitness took a decisive step by confiscating the key to one of the assailants’ Pulsar bikes. However, this move triggered another round of conflict, leading to a renewed altercation within moments.

The situation further intensified when additional reinforcements arrived on the scene. A group of 20 to 25 individuals, armed with swords and plastic pipes and arriving on motorcycles, confronted the eyewitness. The coordinated and aggressive attack that ensued underscores the severity of the incident and the brazenness of the assailants.

Vicious Petrol Pump Attack Unleashes Wave of Violence: Eyewitness Describes Manager and Colleagues’ Brutal Assault

In a chilling account of the violent incident that transpired at the Vadodara petrol pump, the eyewitness details the ruthless assault on colleagues and the manager, Vishnubhai Shankarbhai Motwani. Following the initial confrontation, Motwani became aware of the situation, prompting a retaliatory attack by the assailants.

In a disturbing turn of events, the eyewitness, Dignesh Mansukhgiri Goswami, and the manager were subjected to relentless violence. The assailants, armed with an iron rod found on the premises, a sword, and a hair straightener, targeted the victims with vicious blows. Two of the initial four attackers struck the manager on the head with an iron rod and a sword, while another assailant used a hair straightener on the left side of the neck.

The attackers, fueled by hostility, repeatedly chanted ominous threats, proclaiming, ‘Aaj Tere Ko Mar Hi Dalenge, Aaj To Tu Gaya’ (Today, we will finish you off; you are done). The eyewitness sustained severe injuries, including head wounds and bleeding, necessitating urgent medical attention. Simultaneously, other working employees faced a barrage of violence, with beatings administered using sticks and pipes, compelling them to flee the scene in fear.

Swift Police Action Leads to Arrest of Two Suspects in Vadodara Petrol Pump Attack

In a rapid response to the distressing incident at the Vadodara petrol pump, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) M.P. Bhojani announced the successful arrest of two suspects. ACP Bhojani revealed that upon receiving the report at the police control room, in-charge officers from the city police station, including personnel from H and G Division, Joint CP, DCP, swiftly arrived at the scene.

The primary suspect, identified as Shikligar, attempted to evade the police and abscond immediately. Undeterred, the law enforcement team, comprising approximately 45 police personnel, 4 PCR units, 4 Police Inspectors (PI), 2 Assistant Commissioners of Police (ACP), the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Crime division, and Joint CP, initiated a joint combing operation in the Ektanagar area of the city.

Remarkably, within hours of the incident, law enforcement successfully apprehended and detained two to four individuals in connection with the crime. Two of the detained individuals have been formally identified as suspects in the brutal assault and robbery at the petrol pump.

Investigations into the matter are currently underway, shedding light on the modus operandi of the arrested individuals, who are suspected to be involved in various criminal activities such as robbery, theft, and raids. The collaborative efforts of the police force demonstrate a commitment to swiftly address and resolve incidents of public safety concern, reinforcing the community’s confidence in law enforcement.

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